Our People


Academic Staff


Sherry-Ann Singh
Head of Department & Senior Lecturer
B.A. (UWI), Ph.D. (UWI)

Interests: South Asia, Indian Diaspora

sherry-ann.singh@sta.uwi.edu ext. 83060


Liazzat Bonate 
M.A. (soas, Northwestern), Ph.D. (UCT)

Interests: African History, Islam in Africa

liazzat.bonate@sta.uwi.edu ext. 83049


Bridget Brereton  
Prof. Emierita
B.A.(UWI), M.A. (Toronto), Ph.D. (UWI)

Interests: Social Life in the Caribbean, Women & Gender in History, Historiography




John F. Campbell 
Senior Lecturer
B.A. (UWI), M. Phil. Cert. CETL (UWI), M. Phil. Ph.D. (Cantab.)

Interests: Intellectual History, Gender & Sexuality in the Caribbean,Tertiary Level Teaching

john.campbell@sta.uwi.edu ext. 82642


Heather Cateau
Senior Lecturer , Dean- Faculty FHE
B.A. (UWI), Ph.D. (UWI)

Interests: Caribbean Social & Economic History, 20th Century Cultural History

heather.cateau@sta.uwi.edu ext. 83059


Christian Cwik
Mag. Phil, PhD (University of Vienna), PD Dip. (Austria)

Interests: European and Atlantic History, Resistance and Revolution, Immigration and Jewish Diaspora

Christian Cwik@sta.uwi.edu ext. 83058

Armando García de la Torre
B.A. (Boston), M.A. (Florida), Ph.D(Washington State)

Interests: Cuba, Spanish Caribbean, Latin America, World History

armando.garcia@sta.uwi.edu ext. 83049


Danalee Jahgoo
Teaching Assiatant (History)
B.A. (UWI), M.Phil upgraded, Ph.D. candidate(UWI)

Interests: US and Caribbean History

Gelien Matthews 

B.A., Dip Ed., Cert. CETL (UWI), PhD (Hull)

Interests: Enslaved Resistance in the Caribbean, U.S. History, Philosophy of History

gelien.matthews@sta.uwi.edu ext. 83051


Debbie McCollin  

B.A., (Hood, US), PhD, Cert. CETL (UWI)

Interests: Health in Trinidad and Tobago, Conflict History in the Caribbean

debbie.mccollin@sta.uwi.edu ext. 82025


Arti Ramsaroop
Teaching Assistant (Archeology)
B.A. (UWI), M.Phil candidate


Allison Ramsay
B.A. (UWI), M.A. (USP), Ph.D. (UWI)

Interests: Heritage Studies

allison.ramsay@sta.uwi.edu ext. 83051


Basil Reid
Professor & Archaeologist
B.A. (UWI), M.A. (London), Ph.D. (Florida)

Interests: Caribbean Archaeology, Geoinformatics, Forensics, Trinidad Railways

basil.reid@sta.uwi.edu ext. 83306


Jerome Teelucksingh
B.A. (UWI), M.A. (Guelph), Ph.D. (UWI)

Interests: Caribbean Diaspora, Labour in Trinidad & Tobago,Fugitive Afro-Descendants in Canada

jerome.teelucksingh@sta.uwi.edu ext. 82026


Michael Toussaint 
B.A., Ph.D. CETL (UWI)

Interests: African Diaspora, Credit Union Movement

michael.toussaint@sta.uwi.edu ext. 83036