Dental Auxiliary Programme

Dr. Sally Barclay


The UWI School of Continuing Studies, in collaboration with the UWI Faculty of Medical Sciences (FMS), School of Dentistry, offers a one-year certificate for the training of dental assistants. This forms the foundation of the other two associate degree programmes in dental hygienists and dental laboratory technician, respectively. 

The one-year certificate course in dental assistants is already in its fifth cycle with the first cohort having graduated in November 2006. Students as nationals of Trinidad and Tobago benefit from the Ministry of Science Technology and Tertiary Education (Min STTE) GATE Programme.

Aims of the Programme

The programme is geared to meet the professional and academic needs of dental nurses of the Ministry of Health, especially those wishing to pursue the Diploma for Dental Hygienists or Dental Therapists.  The curriculum was designed by the School of Dentistry with a differentiated curriculum for nurses, designed by Dr Ivan Prevatt of the Ministry of Health, and which reflects the knowledge and skills base required for entry into the field of dental nursing. more...


The University’s Open Campus (St. Augustine), formerly The University of the West Indies School of Continuing Studies, conducts the training programme, with the School of Dentistry delivering the clinical components.

Co-ordination and collaboration will be conducted by the School of Continuing Studies, which enjoys a wide reach to 15 centres regionally.  It is envisaged that other courses, including a certificate course in repairs of dental equipment, would be designed in due course.

The UWI SCS will be responsible for the programme delivery with input from the Faculty's School of Dentistry in its monitoring, evaluation and examination process. The programme has regional recognition, with approval from the UWI Board for Undergraduate Studies (BUS).

The programme is taught by a cadre of highly professional lecturers of the Faculty's Dental School, and is coordinated by Dr Sally Barclay.

Open Campus

The University of the West Indies Open Campus formerly the University of the West Indies School of Continuing Studies is the major outreach arm of the University and at times we have been referred to as “the social conscience of the University”. The UWI Open Campus, St. Augustine, began its mission in January 1949 and has been able to maintain its importance as a leading institution in adult and continuing education in Trinidad and Tobago.

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Coordinator, Dental Auxiliary Programme