Teaching and Learning Strategy


Teaching Strategy

The Faculty of Medical Sciences has, from its inception, used a problem-based learning (PBL) approach. Dental students, along with students from the other schools follow a common programme during the first year of study. Other teaching modalities, including didactic lectures and practicals, supplement problem-based learning.


Dental students follow PBL closely during the first three semesters of study. In their third semester, this is mixed with didactic lectures and laboratory practicals. Support services, resources and facilities for this modality of teaching are provided by the Medical Sciences Library, the Skills Laboratory and the School of Dentistry facilities.



Teaching & Learning 1Students are given formative assessments throughout the programme. Continuous assessment examinations are administered throughout the courses. These contribute a percentage to the final examination. Final examinations invariably consist of a written examination, practical exercises, clinical examinations, case presentations and oral (viva) examinations. Final examinations are conducted with impartial external examiners.