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School of Medicine

The profession of Medicine is one of the oldest and most noble known to man. Although the emphasis may have shifted from healer to caregiver, the tenets and practices remain the same. The School of Medicine in the Faculty of Medical Sciences (St Augustine) takes pride in moulding fine young minds from all over the world into first class physicians, with the requisite knowledge and skills to practise anywhere in the world.

The School of Medicine of the Faculty of Medical Sciences (St Augustine) located at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, opened its doors to a full 5-year teaching programme for students in 1989. Since then several cohorts of graduates have distinguished themselves worldwide and specialized in many different fields of Medicine.

Medical Hospital

The main Medical Hospital at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex is geared to provide both generalist and specialist Medical and Surgical services. There are three (3) blocks of clinical research laboratories in close proximity to the wards. There are also generous ambulatory health care facilities, thirteen (13) operating theatres, Nuclear Medicine, CAT Scanning and other Radiological facilities, as well as provisions for specialised areas of functional analysis, Intensive Care Units, Out-Patient Clinics and Accident and Emergency Units.

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