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Undergraduate Studies


The UWI School of Nursing currently offers two undergraduate programmes:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree - Post Registration
  2. Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree (Generic) - Pre Registration

Both programmes are delivered face to face through a mix of classroom and laboratory instruction, with Clinical Experience offered at a variety of educational and health care facilities. 


To obtain additional undergraduate information you may refer to the Faculty of Medical Sciences Undergraduate Information Guide and UWI's Undergraduate Prospectus, provided below:


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The UWI Undergrad Admissions


Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Post Registration

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree - Post Registration, (BSN Post Registration), targets candidates already in the Nursing Profession since a requirement for this Programme is that candidates must be a Registered Nurse. 

The BSN Post Registration comprises four (4) areas of specialization, as outlined below:

          • School Nursing
          • Oncology
          • Nursing Education
          • Nursing Administration

The BSN Post Registration is offered both full time and part time, with courses available in the ‘summer’ session and on evenings.

The duration of our full time curriculum is one calendar year over three semesters; and the duration of our part time curriculum is two calendar years over six semesters. 

To view additional programme requirements and the course listing, visit the links below:

Post-Reg Student Resources:


Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Generic) - Pre Registration

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree - Pre Registration, (BSN Pre-Registration), is an exciting new Nursing Programme designed to prepare candidates to become Registered Nurses, to be competent in providing excellent nursing care to patients. 

The BSN Pre-Registration is offered full time over four calendar years.  Its aims are to develop student’s knowledge, skills and clinical practice to become qualified nurses who would provide high quality Nursing service to patients/clients in preventative, acute, long-term, continuing care.

Unlike the BSN Post Registration, the BSN Pre-Registration targets entry level candidates who are new to the Nursing Profession and is tailored to candidates who are not Registered Nurses.

To view additional information on the BSc Nursing Pre-Registration Programme, click below:

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