Grant Writing Assistance

The Art of Grantsmanship by Jacob Kraicer -
This is one of the best resources for grantsmanship on the Internet. It will take you through the whole process of preparing a grant application this guide takes the reader through the entire process of grant application development. Each section provides bulleted suggestions for everything from “Before You Start to Write,” to details on specific parts of the application, to “Common Errors Made” by both new and established applicants.

University of Michigan Proposal Writer's Guide by Don Thackery

This guide is intended for individuals with little or no experience in writing proposals for sponsored activities. It provides advice on the appropriate content for the different sections of a proposal and includes section on “Inquiries to Private Foundations,” “Dealing with Short Deadlines,” and “Why Proposals are Rejected”.

Grant Writing Tips -

University of Pittsburgh Office of Research “Selected proposal writing websites”

A useful selection of websites covering amongst other things general grantsmanship, writing guides from specific funding agencies, resources on proposal writing and writing aids.

Pajares, F. (2007). Elements of a proposal -
Defines the main elements of a proposal so that the reader is clear on what content is expected in each section.