The Department of Economics is one of the three (3) departments comprising the Faculty of Social Sciences at the St. Augustine Campus.

The Department of Economics offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes ranging from the Bachelor's degree in Economics, and Master's degree in Economics to the MPhil and PhD degrees in Economics.  


Notices for Students


Pre-Budget Forum - Issues in Energy, Tourism, and Social Development - 22nd April 2015, Daaga Auditorium

Ph.D. Seminar -Life in Bequia in the Era of Climate Change: Societal Perception of Adaptation and Vulnerability - Ms. Sherry Ann Ganase - 12:00noon 16th April 2015, FSS 102

Ph.D. Upgrade Seminar - "The Role of Economic Instruments for Environmental Management in Hydrocarbon Economies: An assessment of the potential of Environmental Taxes in Trinidad and Tobago" - Ms. Malini Maharaj - 11:00am 27th May 2015, FSS 103

Ph.D. Upgrade Seminar - “Prospects for the development of a LNG trading hub/financial exchange market for the Caribbean” - Mr. Don Chrales - 10:00am 28th May 2015, venue TBA