Arima Valley BioBlitz 2013

The second BioBlitz in Trinidad took place in September 2013 and covered the Arima Valley in the Northern Range. The event was led by Mike G. Rutherford and was a collaboration between the UWI Zoology Museum (UWIZM), the Trinidad and Tobago Field Naturalists' Club (TTFNC) and the Asa Wright Nature Centre (AWNC). The volunteers for the event came from many places including staff and students from the University of the West Indies Dept. of Life Sciences, John Murphy from the Field Museum, members of the T&T Serpentarium, representatives from Fisheries Division and many other nature enthusiasts. The basecamp was in the Mango Room at the AWNC and participants also stayed at the William Beebe Tropical Research Station.

Amy Deacon Collared trogon birdwatchers

Plant groupArima Valley BioBlitz logo Bat

Results Public Bronze pagoda

Almost 100 volunteers took part over the weekend and around 100 members of the public came by to watch the proceedings and take part in walking tours. By the end of it approximately 740 species of plant, animals and fungus had been found throughout the Arima Valley.

The event was covered in the local media and on many social networks and blogs:

Trinidad Express

Trinidad& Tobago Newsday

John Murphy Herpetology T&T

Asclepius Green

A page dedicated to the event was set up on Facebook

The 4th edition of the 2013 Quarterly Bulletin from the TTFNC was dedicated to the BioBlitz.

The full report on the event can be accessed here.