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Greenhouse Facility

(Located West of the Sir Frank Stockdale Building)

GreenhouseThe Department of Life Sciences maintains a large research greenhouse, a shade house and a controlled environment room. The greenhouse is fitted with adjustable shade cloth, automatic misting and controlled irrigation. In addition, the surrounding grounds hold a collection of local plants used in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.

These facilities support the work of several research groups, including:

Plant Breeding with the Anthurium group

Plant Conservation with the Aripo Savannas Biodiversity group

Plant Pathology with the Plant-Microbe group

Forest Restoration with the ProEcoServ group



The greenhouse is managed by the Department’s Chief Technician, Karen Dhun, and supervised by      the Greenhouse Foreman, Hubindra Seebarath,  with the support of Anthony Cadet, Haemraj Hardeo, Fareed Mohammed, Kelvin Nakhid and Shawn Persad.





Revised: 2 April 2014