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  • Wind Turbine at the Islamic Childrens Home, Gasparillo.

  • Marisa Singh, Ph.D candidate in the development of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells

  • Transmission Electron Microscope Unit at the Eric Williams Sciences Complex.

  • Fadil Sahajad shares a local token at the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Headquarters, Tokyo. 2014

  • Peace Park established by the Department of Physics

  • Physics Final Year Project Presentations

  • Students at the Piparo Mud Volcano for Seismic Testing.

  • CARINA Star Party, Chaguaramas 2014

  • Undergraduate Graduation Ceremony, October 2013




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In the Spotlight!!


UWI-IDC Competition & FST Cricket Fun Day!!

Physics took part in the recently concluded University's Staff

Cricket Tournament & FST Cricket Fun Day!

Click for more information, fixtures & results!

Workshop on Mini-Projects for Deployment of Smart Grid Technology, UWI. (2nd April 2015)


The Department recently held a SmartGrid workshop to build awareness & benefits of its deployment in T&T. The workshop also served as a platform to assist teachers at the CAPE Level in areas such as Electronics, Computer & Physics for developing projects for relevant students. Click here for more information!


Trailing a Comet: A Billion Kilometre trip by the Rosetta Space Mission. (26th February 2015)


Professor H. Lehto from the Tuorla Observatory (Finland) is one of the scientists who performed the first ever landing of a European Space Agency probe Philae on a comet!! The Department of Physics hosted a seminar with Prof. Lehto about this groundbreaking space mission. Click here for more!

Ms. Xsitaaz Chadee wins 2014 Awards of Excellence in Science & Technology (10th January, 2015)


One of our own members of staff recently won the Frank Rampersad Award for Junior Scientist - Silver at the recent NIHERST Awards of Excellence 2014 held at the Hyatt Regency. Click to read more.

Sunday Express Article: Shaazia Mohammed

(A Future scientist in the making, 31st October 2014)


The Woman's Express recently wrote a short article about one

of our postgraduate candidates, Shaazia Mohammed, whose research focus is on the impact of climate change on our coral reefs. Click to read the article.





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