The Herbarium provides the following services to the University community, the general public of Trinidad and Tobago, the governments and peoples of the region, and visitors to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. These include:

  • Field Collection
  • Plant Identification
  • Library Services and Searches
  • Teaching, research, educational tours / public lectures
  • Outreach - Student internships with other educational institutions
  • Technical support for local and international postgraduate students


Click here for Information on how to make a request for service/booking. A schedule of charges and rates can be found here.


Service Charges


The Herbarium charges for its plant identification services and field assistance according to the type of the request.

We also offer for sale publications from the T&T Field Naturalists’ Club.


Request for Plant Identifications

When requesting plant identification please note that identifications may be done faster by providing a fresh representative sample of the plant with flowers and/or fruits and foliage intact if possible. 

We cannot guarantee the identification of digital images.

For telephone or FAX see contacting us