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Angelique V. Nixon


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"Being in the academic world for me means a certain degree of discomfort. The only way I can be in this space is to be a 'revolutionary intellectual’ (in the spirit of Walter Rodney) and to do battle against the regime of ‘truth’ as Sylvia Wynter says we must. This means I work in the tradition of postcolonial thinkers, women of color writers, feminist scholar-activists, and theorise our own experiences -- (re)write/imagine/make ourselves whole. Thus I am active in the struggle for racial, sexual, gender, class, and environmental justice. Revolutionary work means struggle, but it also means healing and radical self-care and love. It also means taking incredible risks and being a warrior, rooted and guided by spirit and the earth.”



Dr. Angelique V. Nixon is a writer, artist, teacher, scholar, activist, and poet -- born and raised in The Bahamas. Her research, cultural criticism, and poetry have been published widely. She strives through her activism, writing, and art to disrupt silences, challenge systems of oppression, and carve spaces for resistance and desire. Angelique holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Florida (2008), where she specialized in Caribbean and African diaspora literatures, Caribbean and postcolonial studies, women’s studies and gender research. She is the recipient of a number of awards including a postdoctoral fellowship in Africana studies at New York University (2009) and a Fulbright Scholar Grant (2014). Her scholarly book Resisting Paradise: Tourism, Diaspora, and Sexuality in Caribbean Culture was recently published by the University Press of Mississippi Press (2015). Her scholarly book Resisting Paradise: Tourism, Diaspora, and Sexuality in Caribbean Culture (University Press of Mississippi, 2015) won the Caribbean Studies Association's 2016 Barbara T. Christian Award for Best Book in the Humanities. Her current research areas include feminist praxis and discourse, Caribbean sexualities, sexual labour and social justice movements. She is a Lecturer and Graduate Studies Coordinator at the Institute for Gender and Development Studies.




GEND 2104 / FILM 2101 Gender and Cinema

GEND 3038 / SOCI 3038 / SOCI 5001/6101/7001/8001 Gender, Ethnicity and Class: Issues of Identity, Nation and Citizenship

GEND 3039 / SOCI 3039 Gender and Development with Reference to Caribbean Society

GEND 6100 / 7100 / 8100 Sexualities, Bodies and Power
GEND 6105 Key Issues in Gender and Transformation in the Caribbean (selected lectures)

GEND 6106/7106/8106 Research Design and Methods
GEND 6010/7010/8010 Advanced Feminist Theory (Reading Course in consultation with your supervisor)



Areas of Specialization:
Caribbean and Postcolonial Studies
Gender and Sexuality Studies
African Diaspora Literatures and Cultures
Postcolonial and Feminist Theories
Gender, Sexuality, and Popular Culture
Tourism and Development Studies
Critical Race Discourses and Mixed-Race Studies


In progress Journal Special Issue:

"Reading, Writing, Seeing Gender: Caribbean Voices, Identities, and Politics in Media." Caribbean Review of Gender Studies. Co-Editor with Sue Ann Barratt.


Research Activities:

IGDS Research Team Project: “RDI Work/Life Balance and Ageing in Trinidad: Studying the Productivity and Wellbeing of Working Men and Women.” (Research Design Coordinator & Investigator)
Individual Research Project: Book Project – Working Title: “The Paradox of Difference: Transformative Politics and Sexual Freedom in the Caribbean.” Scholarly Book, In Progress.



On her recently published book Resisting Paradise
November 2015
On Cyber Activism, Social Networking and LGBT Organizing.

September 2014
IGDS Lunchtime Seminar – “The Problem of Rights: Movements for Gender and Sexual Justice in the Caribbean”
Sexualities in the Tent -- Presentation on Theorizing Homophobias in the Caribbean (multimedia collection)
IGDS Short Course Experiences – Critical Sexuality Studies

Personal blogs, website and related links

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Theorizing Homophobias in the Caribbean: Complexities of Place, Desire and Belonging (co-editor, online multimedia collection)

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Sixteen Days: Art & Reflection on Ending Gender-Based Violence

Sexualities in the Tent: Poetry Reading

Saltwater Healing – A Myth Memoir and Poems – Art & Poetry Collection launch in New York at Bluestockings



Selected publications



Nixon, Angelique V. 2015. Resisting Paradise: Tourism, Diaspora, and Sexuality in Caribbean Culture. Jackson, Mississippi: The University Press of Mississippi.

Nixon, Angelique V. 2013. Saltwater Healing – A Myth Memoir and Poems. Art and Poetry Chapbook, Handbound Letterpress, Limited Edition. Nassau, The Bahamas: Poinciana Paper Press.


Edited Collections

Love | Hope | Community: Sexualities and Social Justice. 2015. Co-Editor. Sargasso: Journal of Caribbean Literature, Language, and Culture. 2014-15, Volume 1 & 11.

Nixon, Angelique V. 2012. Co-Editor. Theorizing Homophobias in the Caribbean: Complexities of Place, Desire and Belonging. Online Multimedia Collection. Caribbean IRN. <>


Journal Articles / Book Chapters

Nixon, Angelique V. “Troubling Queer Caribbeanness: Embodiment, Gender, and Sexuality in Nadia Huggins’ Visual Art.” Small Axe: A Journal of Caribbean Criticism. Commissioned for the Small Axe Caribbean Queer Visualities Project. Forthcoming.

Nixon, Angelique V. “Seeing Difference – Visual Feminist Praxis, Identity and Desire in Indo-Caribbean Women’s Art and Knowledge.” Indo-Caribbean Feminist Thought: Genealogies, Theories, Enactments. Palgrave MacMillan, Forthcoming.

Nixon, Angelique V. “On Being a Black Sexual Intellectual: Thoughts on Caribbean Sexual Politics and Freedom.” Black Sexual Economies: Race and Sex in a Culture of Capital. Eds. The Black Sexual Economies Collective. University of Illinois Press. Forthcoming.

Nixon, Angelique V. 2015. “In Search of the Erotic: Boundaries of Male Same-Sex Desire in Caribbean Film.” Black Camera. Volume 6, Issue 2.

Nixon, Angelique V. and Rosamond S. King. 2013. “Embodied Theories: Local Knowledge(s), Community Organizing and Feminist Methodologies in Caribbean Sexuality Studies.” Caribbean Review of Gender Studies, Issue 7.

Nixon, Angelique V. 2011. “Imaginings in/of Paradise: Bahamian Literature and the Culture of a Tourist Economy.” Anthurium: A Caribbean Studies Journal. Volume 8, Issue 1

Nixon, Angelique V. 2010. “Blackness, Resistance and Consciousness in Dancehall Culture.” Black Renaissance Noire. Volume 9, Issue 2-3.

Nixon, Angelique V. 2009. “‘We have something to teach the world’: Erna Brodber’s Blackspace, Building Community, and Educo-tourism.” MaComere: Journal of the Association of Caribbean Women Writers and Scholars. Volume 11.

Nixon, Angelique V. 2009. “‘Relating across Difference’: Caribbean Feminism, bell hooks, and Michelle Cliff’s Radical Black Subjectivity.” In Caribbean Woman Writer as Scholar. Edited by Keshia N. Abraham. Preface by Carole Boyce Davies. Coral Springs, Florida: Caribbean Studies Press.

Nixon, Angelique V. 2008. “What Racial Hybridity? – Sexual Politics of Mixed-Race Identities in the Caribbean and the Performance of Blackness.” Lucayos: Journal of Caribbean and Postcolonial Criticism and Creative Work. Volume 1.


Nixon, Angelique V. 2006. “Poem and Tale as Double Helix in Joy Harjo’s A Map to the Next World.” SAIL: Studies in American Indian Literatures 18:1. Reprinted in Bloom’s Modern Critical Views: Native American Writers. 2010. New York: Bloom’s Literary Criticism.



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