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Audio Visual Publications

IGDS St. Augustine Unit Publications


Audio Visual Publications by IGDS Staff

2003 to 2011

  • Documentary Series – A Different Imagination

Director, Patricia Mohammed

    1. Introduction-A Different Imagination, 11 mins, edited by Brianne La Bauve and Lisle Waldron
    2. Windows into the Past – 22 mins, edited by Luke Paddington
    3. The Colour of Darkness, 17 mins, edited by Luke Paddington
    4. The Sign of the Loa, 20 mins, edited by Luke Paddington
    5. Coolie Pink and Green, 25 mins edited by Michael Mooleedhar,Soundtrack, Sharda Patasar
    6. The S Factor, 15 mins edited by, edited by Michael Mooleedhar
    7. Seventeen Colours and a Sitar, 35 mins, edited by Michael Mooleedhar


  • An Oasis of Ideas, Learning and Leadership: UWI St Augustine at 50

Directors Patricia Mohammed and Francesca Hawkins


  • Becoming Elsa

Directors Patricia Mohammed and Hilary Nicholson

Editors Michael Mooleedhar and Christopher Ding Chong,

Produced for the Regional Coordinating Institute for Gender and Development Studies, UWI, Mona


  • Engendering Change: Caribbean Configurations
    Mohammed, Patricia and Paddington, Luke


  • The Nariva Swamp: A Contested Wetland, Issues of Gender and Sustainability

DVD format

Produced by Paddington, Bruce & Hosein, Gabrielle


  • Living With the Wetlands: Women, Men and the Nariva Swamp

DVD format

Produced by Paddington, Bruce & Hosein, Gabrielle (video format)