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The Institute for Gender and Development Studies has a long history of involvement in regional, community and faculty research. Gender Studies is by definition multi-disciplinary or even trans-disciplinary and the Institute seeks to collaborate with colleagues in other disciplinary locations in collaborative research. The regional programme is concerned with gendered issues that affect the Caribbean and aims to build gender consciousness and gender analysis skills in both research and policy in the region. The Institute is also involved in interdisciplinary collaborative research networks including university staff from other faculties and departments as well as other universities. Finally, individual staff members have their own research networks, which reflect their particular interests and areas of expertise.


IGDS Regional Research Programme

The IGDS has a developed an integrated regional research programme across all the three Campuses entitled: Gender in Caribbean Thought: Breaching Frontiers and Understanding Difference. Related themes have been identified including:

  • The Making of Feminisms in the Caribbean
  • Caribbean Gender Ideologies
  • Constructions of Caribbean Masculinities
  • Gender and Education
  • Gender, Science and Technology
  • Gender and Popular Culture
  • Rethinking Caribbean Economy
  • National Gender Policies
Regional Research Projects


IGDS SAU Research Programme

Research Themes Revised 2016–2017

1. Agro-Ecology, Conservation and the Environment

2. Gender-Based Violence

3. Gender, Communication, Language and Social Media

4. Gender and Health

5. Gender, Politics and Leadership

6. Gender, Sexualities, Ethnicity, Race, Class and Citizenship

7. Gender and Visual Culture

8. Masculinity and Men’s Movement Building

9. Making of Caribbean Feminisms

10. Political Economy and Gender-Sensitive Policy Making

11. Women, Gender and Development