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About Staff

Management Team

Decades of experience across industries and sectors, sharp leadership and technical skills and a demonstrated commitment to international 'best-practice' qualify this team to manage the valuable UWI brand. The Marketing & Communications management team is supported by a competent group of Specialists and Administrative staff.


Dr. Dawn-Marie De Four Gill, Ed.D. (Penn), MBA (Cass), B.Sc. Hons (UWI)
University and Campus Director - Marketing & Communications

  “What matters is getting at the people who matter – half of the battle is won when you know when you know your stakeholders and their priorities."

Dawn-Marie DeFour-GillA true Caribbean advocate, Dawn-Marie sees The UWI as one of the last, true representations of Caribbean unity and development.  At The UWI, she introduced the concept of an institutional level, full-service, Marketing and Communications functional area. She knows that this function will continue to be critical as the university strikes that delicate balance between regional relevance and pure academia.

Having worked in Higher Education Marketing and Communications and Development Communications for over a decade, Dawn-Marie is adept at understanding the big picture and knows that the ‘branding sweet spot’ occurs where things connect. “Let’s stick a pin in this” is Dawn-Marie trademark statement; it works, as intended, to return the team’s focus to the interests of the people who matter – the big picture.

Dawn-Marie loves relaxing with her three ‘boys’; her two young sons and the ‘big’ one to whom she’s married. She also enjoys downtime with her Kindle.

t. 662 2002 ext. 82315 / 82324
e. dawn-marie.defour-gill@sta.uwi.edu


Wynell Gregorio, MA (Lond Met) DLCCI, BA Hons (UWI)
Marketing & Communications Manager

  “I’ve coined the term spladaw – it means let's push the envelope to make something outstanding…”

Wynell GregorioWynell has spent the last five years at Marketing & Communications listening to what internal and external clients want, advising them on what they need and delivering her spladaw best. She leads a team of professionals who are committed to producing outstanding results across marketing campaigns, events management, customer service and everything between. As Marketing & Communications Manager she draws on her expertise in strategic message management, employee communications and engagement and Marketing and Communications research.

Wynell is the lead singer of a pretend music band she shares her husband and two daughters; ‘happy time’ with her family is precious to her.

t. 662 2002 ext. 82014
e. wynell.gregorio@sta.uwi.edu


Nicole Huggins-Boucaud, MSc, Dip. IR, Dip. Mass Comm, BA. (UWI)
Publications Manager

Tapping into creativity almost always involves asking the question "what if...?"

Nicole Huggins-Boucaud

With a career which spans Corporate Communications and Television Journalism, Nicole has a unique mix of experience and training in video, web and print production and photography. She is an expert consultant on content creation and dissemination and lists one of her key professional goal as “helping clients support and engage their customers through corporate storytelling.” The next level of career achievements for Nicole will definitely include sharpened skills in digital, interactive storytelling!

A confessed information junkie, Nicole enjoys taking photos, making videos and relaxing to a good documentary.

t. 662 2002 ext. 84245
e. nicole.huggins-boucaud@sta.uwi.edu


Vaneisa Baksh, MPhil (UWI)
Editor, UWI Today

“If you dig deep enough you will find that everyone has a story worth hearing. We build communities by sharing experiences and that is what I keep in mind whenever I am writing and editing.”

Vaneisa Baksh

It’s been 30 years since Vaneisa first ventured into the world of journalism; ever since she was a child, all she wanted to do was write. In that time, Vaneisa has written millions of words, edited thousands of articles, designed hundreds of publications and copy-edited countless stories. UWIToday has allowed this prolific writer to use her skills in an environment of teaching, learning and research which she says makes every single day stimulating at several levels. A daily adventure!

Vaneisa believes in sharing, it is why she loves to cook – “nothing beats the satisfaction of bringing smiles and lip-smacking!”

t. 662 2002 ext. 83997
e. vaneisa.baksh@sta.uwi.edu


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