Research Collaborators:
Dr. Jeniffer Mohammed (Lecturer, School of Education)

Research Assistants:
Dr. Alvinelle Matthew
Jewelle Mapp (GIS Support)
Damian Robinson (GIS support)

Project Officers:
Leevun AR Solomon
Shiva S Mohan

Technical Support:
Jamelia Harris
Winzy Adams
Charisse Jodhan
Shivani Ramoutar
Taresa Best-Downes
Dr. Samantha Chadee

Research Advisors and Other Contributors:
Dr. Matthew Wilson (Senior Lecturer, Department of Geography)
Dr. Jennifer Collymore (Former Lecturer, Department of Geography)
Prof. Joseph Springer (Professor, Ryerson University, Toronto)

Fieldwork and Community Research Facilitator:
Folade Mutota

Appreciation to:
Institute for Gender and Development Studies
Community Based Researchers - National Team
Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Committee

Certain urban places, such as Morvant and San Juan/Laventille in the St. George West school district are socio-spatially stigmatized and marginalized; however, a cursory examination of dropout data from the Ministry of Education reveals that the school district with the highest number of dropouts, and the highest number of female dropouts, after primary school is the south district of Victoria.