Supporting Documents

All supporting documents must be submitted by September 30, 2017 to:

Department of Financial Advisory Services,
Division of Student Services and Development,
Lloyd Brathwaite Student Administration Building (Middle Floor)
The University of the West Indies
St. Augustine


N. B. APPLICATIONS with FINANCIAL NEED must be accompanied by documents #1 & #2.


1. PROJECTED INCOME & EXPENDITURE STATEMENT (PIE Form) – ONLY USE THE FORM PROVIDED. This must be NOTARIZED by a Commissioner of Affidavits/Notary Public/Justice of the Peace. *If deemed necessary, applicants may be asked to provide evidence of certain expenses. Click here to download form.


2. Authorized JOB LETTER regarding person(s) supporting applicant OR                              

  • Pension letter (from whom the Pension is paid) OR                                                       
  • Proof of Disability/Injury Grant (from whom the Grant is paid)                                     
  • A letter from the provider of one’s financial assistance, bearing the Official Stamp where applicable.

(*If Self-Employed – a signed Letter indicating that person’s monthly income and NOTARIZED by a Commissioner of Affidavits/Notary Public/Justice of the Peace).


3. ADDITIONAL COMMENT SHEET – This may be used by ANY applicant to provide additional information about their circumstances. Use of this sheet is optional. Click here to download form.


4. EXTRA-CURRICULAR STATEMENT – To qualify for most Scholarships or Bursaries, applicants need more than academic achievement.  Extra-curricular or co-curricular activities are now compulsory because of its benefits to preparing a student for the world of work.

These activities cover everything from arts and crafts, drama, general interest, specialized interests, languages, politics, religious and cultural groups and sports clubs.

Therefore, ALL APPLICANTS are required to complete the Extra-Curricular Statement, under the Supporting Documents section.  Kindly note that your applicant would be pending if this document is not received by September 30, 2017.  Click here to download form.