November 2016

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Orbiting in the UWIverse

From now until Coronation Night (18 Feb 2017), the delegates of the Miss UWIverse Pageant Experience will engage in a series of events and activities geared towards personal and professional development. The preliminary round will include courtesy visits to government ministers, motivational sessions, public speaking and interview coaching, etiquette and personal care training, floor routine training, preliminary judging competitions, wardrobe/styling/makeup sessions and community/outreach projects. Also, the pageant launched its project with the St. James Cancer Centre which the delegates will work on over the next 4 months. The sashing ceremony was recently held at the LRC and the 10 delegates were sashed by Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences- Professor Ann-Marie Bisssessar and Dr Deirdre Charles. In the formal programme, delegates were welcomed by the Guild President Makesi Peters and Vice President Michael Rajnauth. All delegates were outfitted by 212 Location for the ceremony and Marketing Manager Caicia Taylor spoke on the collaboration between the Miss UWIverse Pageant Experience and 212 Location.

For more information, the Creative Director/Coordinator of the Miss UWIverse Pageant, Jarell Alder can be contacted at 371-7567 or at FB page: