December 2017

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Last month, the UWI Development and Endowment Fund handed out bursaries to 10 UWI Star Scholars for their academic performance and co-curricular studies, and 200 other recipients who earned bursaries based on academic performance and financial need.

Here’s some of what Campus Principal, Professor Brian Copeland, told the audience.

“When The UWI Development and Endowment Fund was established in 1989, its primary aim was to enable the University to provide scholarships at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels so as to alleviate the financial hardships of deserving students. At that time, the Caribbean and Latin America were in the midst of what was called the ‘Debt Crisis’ – incomes and imports dropped; economic growth stagnated; unemployment rose; and inflation reduced the buying power of the middle classes. Sound familiar?

“Almost 30 years later, we are back in that cycle. Now, though, the economic downturn is coupled with the devastation wrought by climate change with increasingly severe storms in the Caribbean region. Sometimes, it almost seems as if all we can manage to do is to tread water.

“In those early days, the UWIDEF teamed up with the Massy Group to arrange a series of fund-raising tours by the Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra to the United Kingdom where they played before Princess Anne at Harrod’s, to Jamaica, and then to Barbados.

“Now, of course, these initiatives have been replaced with two signature annual events – The UWI Fete and UWI Golf Challenge. I have absolutely no doubt that we’ll be hearing more today about our 2018 Fete theme: the Secret Garden!

“Both events have translated into a steady increase in funds available for these much needed and appreciated Bursaries. Consider that in 1992, the UWIDEF offered 19 Bursaries; today, we will be presenting 210! My thanks to everyone – both on the execution as well as the participation sides - for their solid support in making these fundraising activities a success every year.”