August 2017

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The University Council, at its annual business session held at the Cave Hill Campus on April 27, 2017, approved the recommendations of the Joint Committee of Council and Senate to award honorary degrees at the upcoming Graduation ceremonies as follows:

St. Augustine Campus

              • Mr. Winsford “Joker” Devine, Composer, Trinidad and Tobago
              • Mr. Andrew Marcano “Lord Superior,” Calypsonian, Trinidad and Tobago
              • Ms. Hazel Brown, Social activist/founding member of NGO for the Advancement of Women in Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago
              • Professor Emeritus Clem Seecharan, Historian, Guyana
              • Mr. Luis Moreno, International leadership, USA

Open Campus

  • Ms. Edwidge Danticat, Author, Haiti

Cave Hill Campus

  • Hon. Justice Adrian D. Saunders, CCJ Judge, Law, St. Vincent
  • Professor Ihron Rensburg, Leadership, South Africa
  • Ms. Kaye Foster-Cheek, Consultancy, Barbados/USA

Mona Campus

  • Ms. Olive Senior, Journalism, Jamaica
  • Mr. Anthony Hart, Entrepreneurship, Jamaica
  • Mr. Monty Alexander, Musician, Jamaica/USA
  • Professor Emeritus J. Edward Greene, Regional Civil Service, Guyana
  • Mr. Wesley J. Hall, Entrepreneurship, Jamaica/Canada