March 2018

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Ten years ago, Professor Patricia Mohammed envisioned the Institute for Gender and Development Studies as the primary repository of Caribbean feminist scholarship, providing a vehicle through which gender students, scholars and academics could publish work in the field. The Caribbean Review of Gender Studies (CRGS) emerged.

In moving immediately to online publishing, the CRGS became The UWI’s first online, open access journal. Drawing on the experience of a US Fulbright scholar, Diana Fox, who had pioneered a similar journal in this field, the CRGS review process was modelled on international standards in journal publishing. It is a fully peer-reviewed journal that encourages and stimulates cross-cultural exchanges among Caribbean peoples within the region, partners with those in the Caribbean Diaspora, and brings those with a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective to bear on Caribbean and global gender and feminist concerns.

The CRGS offers a forum to persons already recognised in the field, as well as to new scholars, to present work which is easily accessible and available to students and to readers as far and as wide as the internet reaches. The works published in the CRGS capture the realities and contradictions of what is constituted as Caribbean, whether it is generated within or outside of the geographical region. For new scholars who seek to re-chart the terrain, the journal welcomes scholarship and creative work done within the framework of feminist and gender theorising that is for and about the Caribbean.

Since its inception, the CRGS has published 11 issues and worked with 18 guest editors, whose issues cover themes such as sexual desires, rights and regulations, Indo-Caribbean feminisms, challenges to contemporary Caribbean feminist theorising, fragility and persistence of dominant masculinities, and gender and public policy in the Caribbean. Its management has changed and expanded to include Dr Gabrielle Hosein, current head of the Institute for Gender and Development Studies, as the second Executive Editor, with Donna Drayton, replaced by Tivia Collins, IGDS graduate student as Editorial Assistant. We also are dedicated to graduate research, and we encourage and support the publication of works from graduate students from The University of the West Indies, across all three campuses, and graduate students from international universities.

The commitment to advancing Caribbean scholarship in the field of gender is evident in the consistent reach to over 3000 new readers each year for the past four years, with users accessing the journal in countries such as Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Guyana, Canada, the United Kingdom, India and Germany. This speaks to the kinds of connections the CRGS makes with Caribbean and international scholars, activists and young academics, and the importance of centring what Caribbean scholars have to say about gender studies in this precociously settled space.

The Caribbean Review of Gender Studies is hosted on The UWI web page and is accessible through the url: