About the Office

Our Purpose

The Commercialisation Office, Office of Institutional Advancement strives to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of  Campus,and promote a culture of creativity, innovation & entrepreneurship. The Office continues to strengthen our bond with our dedicated business partners through strong business acumen, new and improved systems and processes and continuous engagement, reporting, and feedback.

Our aim is to provide service excellence and support to our stakeholders.

Goals / Objectives
  • To ensure that our stakeholders are satisfied with the level of support and services our department provides and contributes to the overall objectives of our campus.
  • To serve as a leader in creating and facilitating new entrepreneurial opportunities that addresses the needs of the university and community
  • To establish an identifiable structure/framework for harnessing, integrating and expanding entrepreneurial opportunities
  • To be transformational in moving the university into new entrepreneurial arenas
  • To serve as point of contact for industries seeking University expertise/collaborations
  • To build a culture of innovation, service, responsiveness, creativity, and accountability


Your Partner for Business

1. Vendor Recruitment- "Become a Commercial Operator"
The Commercialisation Office is continuing to strive for excellence through our commercial collaborations with local and vibrant entrepreneurs, and prominent international business leaders. Our core focus is enhancing the range of products and services and price mix for our Campus community. If you have a business idea and would like to augment the commercial landscape of the University, you are invited to complete and submit our Vendor Application Form and Business Proposal.

2.Joint Venture Partnership
The Commercialisation Office work closely towards developing joint venture partnerships and increasing private sector collaboration. The formation of these strategic alliances are based on communicating and working closely with other relevant Campus stakeholders including Faculties/Departments on commercialising new and existing UWI products and services and increasing capacity from both academic and technical perspectives. This form of partnership does not focus on commercialising the University’s intellectual property.



Request For Proposals

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Application Information

Download Our Vendor Application Form Here.


Vendor Map

Interactive Map of Campus & Vendor Locations Here.