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The International Office offers a series of study tours that provide immersion in the culture, history, politics, architecture and people of the BRICS countries, led by expert academic tour guides.
The project was started at the St. Augustine Campus in 2012 with an inaugural visit to India. The International Office has since visited Brazil, India and Cuba and will visit South Africa in 2016.

India 2012/3013
Brazil 2013/2014
Cuba 2016
South Africa 2016
China 2017 

The UWI Discovers Series aims to further the internationalisation agenda of the University, an issue which is central to its new strategic plan for the period 2012-2017. Participants will be immersed in all contemporary aspects of these global powers with the aim of ensuring that cadres of Caribbean leaders (current and future) are not only sensitive to these countries, but are also versed in their uniqueness, cultures, customs and most importantly, the opportunities for the Caribbean to engage in constructive partnerships.

These study tours are not limited to students though; in fact, the tours are targeted to a cross-section of the local society that The UWI believes can stand to not only gain significantly from the experience, but also to extend that knowledge gained to local benefit. Therefore, study tours are fit for undergraduate and postgraduate students, staff and faculty at The UWI and other local tertiary institutions, as well as associate to mid-level management at public and private corporations.

We invite students, staff, faculty and others interested to join us as we discover our world. 

The cost for each UWI Discovers study tour varies but will include the following:

Ground transportation
Domestic airfare (if necessary)
Departure package

If you are interested in joining us on our next UWI Discovers Series, please contact our Study Tour Coordinator

Ms. Afiya Francis

Study Tour Coordinator (Incoming & Outgoing)
Tel. (868) 662-2002 ext. 84280 or (868) 224-3707





Western Kentucky visits Trinidad and Tobago 
Take a look at their 'Trinbago limin' page to see how much fun they had while in Trinidad and Tobago 


The International Office offers customized study tours for groups of students and faculty that are interested in exploring and experiencing Caribbean Academics and Culture. The International Office will work closely with the visiting institution to plan a customized itinerary specific to fit their needs.

These study tours range from one to three weeks and will allow visiting students to participate in lectures and workshops led by our The UWI St. Augustine Campus academic. The theme of the study tour is entirely up to the visiting institution. Once a theme has been established, the visiting institution will work closely with the study tour coordinator at The UWI, St. Augustine to create an itinerary.

The visiting institution will also be allowed the opportunity to tour both Trinidad and Tobago during their stay.

The UWI will be responsible for:

Planning the study tour Itinerary;
Providing the Visiting Institution with a study tour budget and invoice for their approval prior to arrival in Trinidad;
Organizing and arranging tours in Trinidad and Tobago;
Booking accommodation in Trinidad and Tobago;
Arranging transportation to and from the airport, lectures and tours from place(s) of accommodation;
Processing payments of tours, accommodation and lectures;
Providing the Visiting Institution’s representatives with an immigration letter to be shown upon arrival at the Piarco International Airport in Trinidad.


The Visiting Institution will be responsible for:

Booking and payment of airfare to Trinidad and Tobago;
Transferring of full study tour payments to The UWI via bank transfer before their arrival.
Planning of any events that are outside the budget or itinerary;
Payment of transportation and tours that are outside of the budget or itinerary;
Securing travel insurance for the Visiting Institution’s representatives;
Payment of transportation to any health care institution and any medical expenses incurred.


If you are interested in booking a study tour, please contact:

Ms. Afiya Francis

Study Tour Coordinator (Incoming & Outgoing)
Tel. (868) 662-2002 ext. 84280 or (868) 224-3707

OR interested coordinators can complete the following:
Incoming Study Tour Application Form

The objectives of The UWI’s outgoing study tours are

  • To increase the local population’s knowledge of the destination country’s development (economic, urbanization) that has taken place along with the changing work culture and environment. They will also learn about the factors that contributed to the country’s survival during the global economic and financial meltdown.

  • To provide opportunities for students to complement their studies in areas that will allow them to develop important life skills and thus contribute to their all-round development. The experience of cultural immersion and exchange gained from this tour will not only enrich their educational experience, but propel them to become proactive members of society and develop improved approaches to everyday situations that affect them and their communities.

  • To introduce elements of basic language skill acquisition through orientation programmes and learning materials.

  • To foster a spirit of global citizenship among the university population through exposure to, and immersion in, all aspects of a foreign culture that will raise awareness of current trends and issues affecting emerging world powers. This will cultivate respect and appreciation for diversity and prepare participants to engage in a globalized world with fundamental knowledge of the cultural, political, social, geographical, technological and environmental aspects of the destination country.