The UWI After School Care Centre [ASCC]

Vision Statements:

We Believe:

  • Interactions between staff and children should be warm and friendly and create an inclusive environment for all children and families.
  • There should be a positive relationship developed between staff and families
  • Staff should work efficiently as a team
  • Children should feel safe, secure and comfortable within their environment
  • The Centre should provide regular learning and training opportunities for staff
  • The programme should reflect the Centre’s Goals and Philosophies and accommodate children’s daily routines, development needs with an understanding of the child’s need for play.

The ASCC Mission Statement:

To provide campus-based after school child care of exceptionally high quality for the community of the UWI St. Augustine Campus. Through a child-centred approach and active parent involvement, the ASCC strives to be responsive to the diverse needs of children and their families.

The ASCC - Values:

The ASCC values developing partnerships with parents/families through open communication, professionalism, teamwork and co-operation.