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Software Provision and Licensing

The administration of volume licensing arrangements  from vendors (e.g. Microsoft Campus, Symantec anti-virus agreements), along with other site licenses. Campus Information Technology Servuices (CITS) provides advice to customers on individual software requirements so that their purchases represent good value for money and are appropriate to their academic or administrative computing needs. Where possible licences are arranged to enable the software to be used by members of University on their home computers.


CITS will:

  • Negotiate new licenses as required on the most favorable terms.
  • Ensure that price lists and other information are kept up to date on the shop website.
  • Maintain databases containing software license records.
  • For software CITS has purchased, answer customer enquiries and provide advice on licensing terms and conditions, including home use of licensed software.
  • Operate a software shop sales desk.
  • Duplicate media for customers where licensed to do so.
  • Manage a server for holding software to download.
  • Provide software downloads for release to customers.
  • Maintain records of licensed software and who is licensed to use it.
  • Invoice for payments for annual licenses.


Customers will:

  • Take appropriate action to ensure the software on all computers under their control is correctly licensed.
  • Ensure there is a custodian responsible for each computer in their area, to take ownership of licensing issues.
  • Ensure there is sufficient funding for licensing of software to be used in their area, and that any requests for software is appropriately ordered.
  • Remove any software found to be installed without the necessary license, or arrange for the purchase of an appropriate license as soon as possible.
  • Ensure the prompt removal of expired license products and confirm their removal in writing.
  • Register software licenses with CITS where required for centrally held licenses.
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