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Telephone Services

  • Management of fixed telephone lines (including those in student halls) and supporting infrastructure.
  • Provision of operator services.
  • Provision of voicemail.
  • Provision of conference calls.
  • Administration of central mobile contracts.
  • The development, provision, configuration and support of telephone services within the University.


These services include:

  • Fixed Telephone
  • VOiP
  • Mobile


Campus Information Technology Services (CITS) monitors the availability and performance of the telephone service and takes appropriate actions to maintain adequate performance. CITS manages all new telephone installations, move of telephone extensions when staff relocate, and disconnection of telephone extensions.

Services are charged back to Departments/Divisions. Cabling and sockets to the University standard provision are usually included in University refurbishment projects.

Call statistics and telephone bills are provided to Departments/Divisions via their Telephone Reps on a monthly basis.

Telephone services will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis. CITS will research and evaluate new technologies and, where appropriate, recommend these to the University.

University currently provides the majority of its telecoms service with a traditional Ericsson PBX, but over time it is introducing a Cisco VoIP system. CITS will migrate all staff extensions to the Cisco system over a period of 5 years.


Fixed Telephone Lines

CITS will:

  • Provide phone extensions to offices.
  • Respond to requests for new extensions, changes to existing, including move of an extension as defined in the telephone charges document.
  • Respond to system faults.
  • Send monthly telephone statistics to Departmental/Divisional telephone reps.
  • Send monthly bills to Departmental/Divisional telephone reps.
  • Give 10 working days’ notice of planned downtime to the phone system.
  • Provide direct dial services except to extensions starting with a '8'.
  • Provide a Voice Activation Assistant to enable connection to phone numbers by quoting the owners name. This service will be used when operator services are not available.


Departments/Divisions will:

  • Provide appropriate notice for new installations, changes or move of an existing extension as laid out in the telephone charges document. Such requests must be made via the Departmental/Divisional Telephone representative, who must authorize such requests.
  • Provide a Departmental/Divisional finance account code to which monthly bills can be charged.
  • Update the University Directory.



CITS will:

  • Provide basic voice features.
  • Provide integrations with Outlook/OCS to give missed calls, voicemail attachments in Outlook and access to contacts.


Mobile Phone

CITS will:

  • Provide mobile phone services, both rental and call charges, at competitive rates.
  • Provide mechanisms for barring a phone, should it be lost or stolen.
  • Provide a monthly bill for all Departmental/Divisional Phones.
  • Provide access to detailed billing information held in the public folder system for Departmental/Divisional telephone Reps Provide several data packages for mobiles and email on the move.


Departments/Divisions will:

  • Request mobile services via their Departmental/Divisional Telephone Rep.
  • Provide a Departmental/Divisional finance account code to which monthly bills can be charged.


Voice Mail

CITS will:

  • Activate voice mail on an extension on request from the Departmental/Divisional telephone rep.


Departments/Divisions will:

  • Request voice mail via their Telephone rep.
  • Agree to cover the annual fee which will be included in the Departmental telephone bill.
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