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Training and Information

Provision of Information Technology (IT) training in conjunction with the Learning and Development Centre. This includes scheduled training courses throughout the year and also courses run on demand depending on numbers of people requesting them. In addition Open learning training is available using Learning Guide web based materials.

The Campus Information Technology Services (CITS) Training room is available for booking by Faculties/Departments when not in use for scheduled courses. Maintenance of information on the CITS website to assist customers in their use of the University IT infrastructure and services.


CITS will:

  • Arrange and run scheduled training courses for internal and external customers.
  • Arrange and run on demand courses depending on numbers of people requesting them.
  • Arrange training to be given by internal and external trainers as appropriate.
  • Provide training rooms with standard configurations and software installed for CITS courses and, by prior agreement, for customers to run their own courses.
  • Install special software by agreement with customers. Media must be provided 2 weeks in advance.
  • Provide Learning Guide software.
  • Arrange and supervise Open learning sessions at scheduled times.
  • Charge for training as applicable according to published rates.
  • Review training materials to ensure it remains accurate, up to date and appropriate.
  • Review needs for and develop new training courses.
  • Create and maintain reference information on the CITS website and in printed form as necessary.


Customers will:

  • Book scheduled courses or request on demand.
  • Comply with the following prerequisites:
    • For most courses, the ability to operate a computer mouse.
    • Use keyboard to a reasonable level of competence.
    • Familiarity with windows operating system, where appropriate.
  • Make advance arrangements with CITS to provide a training room and equipment for their own courses, giving 2 weeks advance notice.
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