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A website can be one of the most effective tools used to communicate a message to a wide audience since it has the capacity to reach internal and external audiences across the globe.

The purpose of  your website should be to reach your target audience(s) with clear messages and instructions to complete predefined tasks.

Given the dynamic nature of the web, content should be updated at least fortnightly which would encourage viewers to visit regularly to obtain new information. 

We recommend that you set up a website committee within your unit comprising of at least:

  1. The Content Owner (person accountable for the content usually the Dean / HOD)
  2. Primary Content Editor (person/s to supply and upload content)
  3. Secondary Content Editor

Additional content editors can be identified along with content curators, reviewers, fact checkers etc.

A well-organized website will help your audience find key information quickly. It also will make the experience of using your website more coherent, intuitive and satisfying. Additionally, intuitively organized content will help to ensure that all of the phases of your website development run smoothly and efficiently. This will prevent time-consuming (design) revisions. If you have planned your organizational structure well, you will be able to easily identify the most appropriate/intuitive location for this additional information. We ask that you complete the form below. This initiates the website design request process and you will be contacted after the submission has been received and reviewed by the web team.

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