Theme & Sub-Themes

“Improvement in Health Care Quality and Delivery: Making a Difference”

Conference Objectives

  • To bring together various stakeholders (both private and public sectors) in one forum.
  • To assess the current state of health care quality and its delivery in the region.
  • To share ideas in an effort to improve health care quality and delivery in the region.
  • To appreciate the role of information technology in bringing added value to health care delivery.
  • To appreciate the value of improvement of health care conditions and its impact on national and regional development.
  • To understand improvement in health care through independent assessment/audit of institutions.
  • To appraise the value of risk management in driving quality; patient’s charter and human resources on improvements in health care.
  • To establish the role of the University/Tertiary level institutions in health care improvement.
  • To guide policy planning for the health care in the region.


Sub Themes

  • Models of health care quality and delivery (Local, Regional and International).
  • Health care access, quality and insurance.
  • Needs assessment of health care institutions.
  • Risk management.
  • Quality care and health tourism.
  • Information technology and health care quality.
  • Quality care and critical medicine (ICU and emergency settings).
  • Sustainable quality care.
  • Quality care and professional development.
  • Quality care and communication.
  • Quality care and medical education (universities/tertiary learning institutes).