Call for Papers


The Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social & Economic Studies (SALISES) is pleased to issue this call for papers for its 15th Annual Conference, to take place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, over the period April 23-25, 2014. The theme of the 15th Annual Conference is:

Caribbean Development: Standing Still or Standing Tall? Theoretical, Empirical and Policy Challenges.


The small economies of the Caribbean continue to deal with the consequences of a global financial and economic crisis, which include falling demand for traditional products like tourism, rising levels of debt, low or negative growth and the accompanying intensification of negative social ills like unemployment, rising criminality, overburdened health and educational facilities and the like. Many small developing economies, in the Caribbean and elsewhere, are also facing serious threats from climate change, the accompanying rising sea levels and the increase in number and ferocity of storm surges. What are the options, given the limited policy space now available to these small economies? It is to answer questions like these that the SALISES is hosting a conference on the theme indicated.  Participation is open to scholars, policy makers, graduate students, professionals and all persons interested in the burning issues associated with this theme.


Papers and panels are invited on the following topics:

  1. Constitutional reform, governance, democracy and development;
  2. Migration and return migration in development and underdevelopment;
  3. Development and maintenance of social capital as a survival strategy;
  4. Innovation and entrepreneurship as developmental platforms;
  5. Disaster preparedness;
  6. The environment: coastlines, fisheries, sustainable development;
  7. Climate change and small states;
  8. Finance, offshore banking and investment in the new international economic order;
  9. Fostering productivity, efficiency and international competitiveness;
  10. Crime, violence, repatriated criminals and regional security;
  11. The HIV/AIDS pandemic, well-being and lifestyle challenges;
  12. Issues in national and regional identity;
  13. Debt and the multilateral agencies;
  14. Tourism and eco-tourism;
  15. Cultural industries in small states: copyright, piracy and technology;
  16. Caribbean manufacturing;
  17. Vulnerable populations, social exclusion, poverty and inequality;
  18. Gender, health, ageing and disability;
  19. Children and youth;
  20. Sport and culture in the developmental process;
  21. Human resource development as a survival strategy;
  22. Macroeconomic management in small states.


Other topics related to the conference theme are welcome.


Publication in Social and Economic Studies

A selection of papers shall be considered for publication in a special issue of the peer-reviewed journal of the SALISES, Social and Economic Studies.


The deadline for submission of abstracts is December 31, 2013.

Authors of papers accepted for presentation at the conference will be notified by January 15, 2014.


The deadline for submission of full papers in PDF format is March 16, 2014.

Send abstracts of 200 words or less, or full papers (inclusive of abstracts), to:

Ms Francine Alleyne


University of the West Indies

St. Augustine

Trinidad & Tobago