Main Themes

  1. Demography and  History as factors shaping societal change in Trinidad and Tobago
  2. Fertility dynamics and implications for development in Trinidad and Tobago
  3. Trends and differentials in mortality in Trinidad and Tobago
  4. Trends and differentials in morbidity in Trinidad and Tobago
  5. Trends and differentials in international migration in Trinidad and Tobago
  6. International migration and its impact on sustainable development in Trinidad and Tobago
  7. The sociology of immigrant groups and their living experiences in Trinidad and Tobago
  8. Historical and contemporary trends in population redistribution and implications for Trinidad and Tobago
  9. Conceptualization, Measurement and the Re-evaluation of socio-demographic data collection for policy decision-making
  10.  Socio-demographic forces and their implications for the formation and dissolution of family units in Trinidad and Tobago
  11.  Data accessibility and the data revolution with special reference to socio-demographic phenomena in Trinidad and Tobago
  12.  Contextualizing Urban-Rural spaces in Trinidad and Tobago
  13.  Demographic Ageing and issues relating to quality of life and quality of care
  14.  Globalization, gender and sexual and reproductive health in Trinidad and Tobago
  15.  Population Structure and Population Dynamics: Implications for:
    • Mental Health Policy
    • Child Health Policy
    • Adult Health Policy
    • ECCE Policy
    • Primary and Secondary Education
    • Tertiary Level Education
    • Crime and Violence
    • Occupational, Environmental Health and Safety
    • Poverty Reduction, Threats to Vulnerability and National Resilience
    • Food Security
    • Labour Markets