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Conference Papers


Title of Paper

Sharon Trezelle

The Inner Dynamics of the Caribbean development problem: implications for Caribbean Sociology

Onwubiko Agozino

Power: An African Fractal Theory of Chaos, Crime, Violence and Healing

Celine Abramschmitt

Is Barbados Ready for Same-Sex Marriage?: Analysis of Legal and Social Constructs

Don Marshall

Discourses in Scientific Finance: The Meta-Narrative of Financial Globalisation

Debra Roberts

The Development Impact of Remittances on Caribbean Economies: The Case of Guyana

David Farrell

Managing Water Resources in the Face of Climate Change: A Caribbean Perspective

Eric Strobl

Is there an Informal Sector Wage Penalty? Evidence from South Africa

Ralph LeGendre

The concept of ‘intermittent male absence’ and male offshore oil/gas workers in Trinidad and Tobago and the psychosocial impacts of these absences on the male-female relationship

Dave Ramsaran

Masking the Experience of Development with Class and Ethnicity: Hindrance or Enabler of Development

Michele Reis

Vision 2020: The Role of Migration in Trinidad and Tobago’s Plan for Overall Development

Sandra Sookram

Small Business Participation in the Informal Sector of an Emerging Economy

Jimmy Tindigarukayo

Benchmarking the Citizen’s Charter in Jamaica: an Empirical Evaluation

Linda Hewitt

Issues in the Determination and Measurement of Poverty within Caribbean Small Island States in the Process of Developing into a Single Market and Economy

Morella Joseph

Education, Society and Development: Some Critical Issues

Kerry Sumesar-Rai

Leadership and Developing Societies

Candice Henriquez

The Effect of Oil Price Shocks on the Price of Gasoline in Curacao

Miriela G.L. Carolina

PPP Theory in a Fixed Exchange Rate System

Laura Marquez-Ramos

Understanding the Determinants of International trade in African Countries: An Empirical Analysis for Ghana and South America

Michael Henry

Poverty and Fertility: Panel Data Evidence for Jamaica

Keino Tario Senior

The Development of Genetically Engineering Human beings for Reproductive Cloning

Michael Brei

The Impact of sudden stops on Bank Lending: Are there cross-sectional differences?

Abbi M. Kedir

Why do the youth in Jamaica neither study nor work? Evidence from JSLC 2001

Nakiema Dianna Peters

Evaluation of community participation in the Jamaica Social Policy Evaluation Programme

Malene Chagni Alleyne

Governance and Caribbean Integration

Annecka Marshall

Reconsidering Dutty Wine: Mona Students’ Views on Black Female Sexuality in Jamaica

Acolla Lewis

Pro-Poor Tourism: A Vehicle for Development in Trinidad & Tobago

Peter Mitchell

Multilateral Organisations and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Sector Planning in Caribbean Economies: Example of Trinidad and Tobago

Agostinho M.N. Pinnock

At the Ideological Cross Roads: Interrogating (Jamaican) Masculinities in Contemporary Urban Culture through Historical Discourse.

Vanus James

Externalities, Earnings and Surplus Labour in Jamaica: an Update

Ajamu Nangwaya

Rastafari as a Catalytic Force in Ecotourism Development in Jamaica: Development  as Economic and Social Justice

Lisa M. Samuel

Re-articulating Responses to Shrinking Policy Space: Caribbean Trade and Development Challenges in the 21st Century

Sonja Teelucksingh

Agricultural and Environment Efficiency: Implications for the Regional Integration of Caribbean Islands

Raghunath Mahabir

Migration of Skilled Personnel in the CSME: The Case of Trinidad and Tobago

Karlene Gordon

Education, Training and Employment in the New Economy: The Role of The University of the West Indies

Russell Foote

The Centrality of ‘Social’ In Our Development Thrust: Articulating Theory, Policy, Program and Practice Networks

Francesca Castellani

International Skilled Migration: The Caribbean Experience

Mauricio M. Moreira

Regional Integration. What is in it for CARICOM?

Godfrey St. Bernard

Measuring Social Vulnerability in Caribbean States

Keron King

Identifying and predicting the correctional orientation of Trinidad and Tobago’s Correctional Officers: Implications for prison reform

Ian Walcott

Export Orientation and the Cultural Industries: The Case of Barbados

Wendy Grenade

Balancing Economic Development and Security: The case of Tourism and HIV/AIDS in Grenada

Harold Ramkissoon

Caribbean Survival: Critical Relevance of Science and Technology

Sean Ffrench

The Challenge of Entrepreneurhsip-Providing Micro-credit to the Poor in Jamaica: The case of the Micro Investment Development Agency (MIDA)-1999 to 2003

Robert Richardson

Economic Vulnerability to Climate Change for Tourism-Dependent Nations

Dennis Canterbury

Caribbean Development and the “New American Century”

Philbert Aaron

Nails, Rivets and Brass Tacks or Windmills and Castles in the Sky: Vision and Focus as Choices Facing Caribbean Policymakers in the Era of Globalization

Jay Mafukidze

The Caribbean Healthy Lifestyles Program: Reducing Risk and Increasing Protective Factors in Caribbean Youth

David Tennant

Macroeconomic and Market Determinants of Banking Sector Interest Rate Spreads: Empirical Evidence from Low and Middle Income Countries

Olivia Saunders

Plenty, is it Enough?

Sandra Grey-Alvaranga

Social Capital and Development: A Case Study of the Jamaican Values and Attitudes Campaign

Rachel Simms

The Building Blocks of Successful Regional Integration: Lessons for the CSME from other regional integration schemes

Christine Barrow

Adolescent Girls, Sexual Culture, Risk and HIV in Barbados

Lennie Pau

The Shadow Economy in the Netherlands Antilles

Corin Bailey

Offender Travel in the Kingston Metropolitan Area, Jamaica

Warren Benfield

Indicator Targeting: The Jamaica Food Stamp Programme

Michael Henry

Trade, FDI and Technology Diffusion in Developing Countries: The Role of Human Capital and Institutions

Desmond Thomas

The Informal Sector in Jamaica

Fitzroy J. Henry

Combatting Obesity and NCDs in the Caribbean: The Policy Perspective

Vincent Atkins

Perspectives on the relevance of external trade policies for good nutritional practices in CARICOM

Mala Jokhan

Parental Absence as a Consequence of Migration: Exploring its Origins and Perpetuation with Special Reference to Trinidad

Roslyn Thomas-Long and Michelle Bailey

Challenges and opportunities: Confronting the HIV/AIDS Among Caribbean Youth

Jonathan Lashley

The Entrepreneurship Challenge in a Time of Change

Kim Robinson

Legitimate resistance: A survival story – the crisis of Jamaican political ideology and the quest for resolution in some recent Jamaican novels

Halimah DeShong

Gendering Intimate Partner Violence (IPV): Implications for Caribbean Research

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