Say hello to our 3+ teachers...

Roxanne Marcano - Senior Teacher 3+

Aunty Roxanne is a wife and mother of three children UWI-CRC educator - Roxanne Marcanobetween the ages of 14-18. She has been a part of the Early Childhood Education field for over a 25 year period. The last 21 of these have been spent at the UWI-FDCRC, from September 1990 to present. As a member of staff at the Centre she has many opportunities to pursue various courses in the field of early childhood and was able to attain her Bachelor’s Degree in Education.

Her duties at the Centre include part time lecturing, teacher training and mentorship, educator to children, parents and trainees, as well as planning and organising school and social events and assisting with fundraisers.

Aunty Roxanne enjoys opportunities for social and sporting events with my family, which stem from her involvement with a popular Parang Group as well as a folk choir. She is also Vice President of a swim club.

She says, "I am always amazed at the rate at which education keeps evolving. I look forward to expanding my horizons as an educator in this new millennium, wherein I can continue to be an advocate for both children and parents, as the responsibility of teachers and parents continues to become more challenging."


Caroline Olivier - Early Education Childhood Educator 3+

Aunty Caroline has been in the early childhood educationUWI-CRC educator - Caroline Olivier field for the past twenty years. She has been a member of the FDCRC family for nine years. She has a Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood (Primary Education), and is a mentor teacher at our site.

She is the lead innovator of Nature Education at the centre and a member of the World Forum Nature Action Collaborative for children.

Aunty Caroline focuses on introducing the project approach to parents and children who will eventually become young investigators.


Rena Jangeesingh - Early Education Childhood Educator 3+

UWI-CRC educator - Tricia DaljitsinghAunty Rena has worked with all age groups at the Family Development and Children’s Research Centre since 2008. She has many years of experience in a variety of early childhood programs and a Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in Early Childhood Education. This year Rena is pursuing her Masters in Youth Guidance at The University of the West Indies School of Education and is working full time at the FDCRC.

“At Family Development and Children Research Centre my team teaching experience has given me the opportunity to share ideas with my co-educators, as well as learn and grow professionally in a creative environment," says Aunty Rena.