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Welcome to the School of Education. We invite you to explore our website, learn about our school community and our programmes, and consider what we have to offer. For over 35 years, the School of Education has had an established reputation for providing quality professional education for practitioners in the field of education, both in Trinidad and Tobago and in other countries in the region. We are recognised internationally for our commitment to good educational practice.

Over the years we have also led the way in research into issues that have had a significant impact on education in the Caribbean. Our programmes are the product of ongoing collaboration among faculty, staff, students and the wider educational community. For those of you who are already pursuing careers in the dynamic and exciting field of education, and for those who have not yet made a final decision, we hope that you will choose to experience the programmes we offer. For those who have not yet made a career choice, we urge you to consider education as your career, and the School of Education as your institution of first choice.







D. Ferdinand-James - Research e-Clinics move beyond SOE Borders via “This Works for Me” Virtual Summit. Click here to view more.

S. Abdul-Majied - SOE Biennial Conference – “Education Beyond Borders: Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges”. Click here to read more.

FDCRC – “Early Pioneers of Childhood Education” in commemorative 70th Anniversary celebrations. Click here to read more.

S. Figaro-Henry – U.S. Embassy highlights SOE Fulbright Scholar at pre-departure meeting. Click here to read more.

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