B.A. in Film


About Us

The Major in Film Production is offered by the Faculty of Humanities and Education as an interdisciplinary programme designed to teach potential filmmakers the technical skills of production at the very highest level, and to ensure that these filmmakers understand the theoretical and aesthetic principles of film. The programme is designed to ensure that this balance between theory and practice is maintained. The programme is also designed to teach high-level analytical and critical skills, so that future filmmakers may assess their own work and the work of other filmmakers.

The Major in Film Studies is designed to teach students to evaluate, critique and analyse film products and to understand how film images work. It ensures that future critics and aestheticians of film will also be grounded in the basic technical skills of filmmaking.



The programme in Film recognizes the importance of thought and analysis to the creation of innovative film art. This has been the experience in Soviet cinema, in French cinema and in Cuban cinema, to name three among nations who have successfully produced strong film industries.   The programme recognizes also that filmmakers throughout the Caribbean region need to be provided with the necessary expertise and skills to ensure their competitiveness in the burgeoning international film industry.



This programme is designed to ensure that those who make films have the theoretical knowledge, critical judgment and the technical skills necessary for the creation of a strong indigenous film industry. Conversely, it also seeks to ensure that those who will become critics of film have the tools for clear and grounded insights and judgment, informed by a basic knowledge of filmmaking.