Welcome to the UWI-SVM Plastination Unit

Plastination was established in 1978 by Dr Gunther Von Hagens at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. At present there are a number of established plastination laboratories around the world.

What is plastination?

Plastination is a method of preservation with polymer. The plastinated specimens are dry, odourless and durable.

The UWI-SVM Plastination Unit

Its aim is to provide specialized teaching resources for Schools and Universities.

As the leading Plastination Facility in the Caribbean,The School of Veterinary Medicine is the only institution in the Caribbean that produces plastinated specimens.

We offer preserved, completely non-toxic tissues which are perfect teaching tools for secondary and tertiary students.

The School has trained personnel and equipment for producing specimens and is capable of meeting demands for plastinated specimens.

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Plastination Unit Specimen

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