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Antigua and Barbuda

Women Against Rape (WAR) is a National non–governmental organization formed in response to the unprecedented reported number of rape cases in Antigua and Barbuda in 2007. The organization’s mission statement is: Promoting inclusive health parity and victim justice through advocacy, education and direct services geared towards direct services to women and families affected by sexual violence. This mission is rooted in the values of: equality, justice, partnerships and trust. 
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The Bahamas Crisis Centre, formerly known as the Women’s Crisis Centre, is a registered, non-profit organization that provides services to people who are the victims of physical, sexual and emotional abuse. The Centre was opened in 1982 in response to the urgent need in the community for such a facility. The Centre also advocates for legislative and societal protection of survivors and raises public consciousness through education and information. The aim is to promote the safety and healing of survivors, and to continue our mandate to end violence of any form.

Bahamas LGBT Equality Advocates is an non-profit LGBT support and advocacy organization and speaks out against homophobia through social media.

S.T.R.A.W. Inc. Centre for Young Women is a safe place where teen girls and young women are free from the negative influences within the environment around them. 
Services offered include: counselling, life skills training, mentorship programs, safe place for youth and young women in crisis. 
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The Business and Professional Women’s Club of Barbados (BPW Barbados) (Est. 1966), is a “status-of-women” organization and a chapter of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women, represented in over 100 countries. It is a registered charity comprised of volunteers. BPW Barbados focuses on elevating the status of women, through training & development, business & entrepreneurship, improvements in health & freedom from violence.

CODE RED for Gender Justice is a Feminist collective of Caribbean women and men with roots as a student organization at The UWI, Cave Hill. The group aims to bring new feminist voices to ALL issues facing the region and to work towards a more equitable and just Caribbean by supporting a new generation of feminist activists.

I AM A GIRL BARBADOS is the start of a movement to bring back the Community through revitalizing the role each person in society plays in the lives of girls. It comprises of Barbadian residents that have seen a need for change within the minds, hearts and culture of the girls of Barbados. As a result, a sense of urgency for intervention encouraged the development of a holistic community modelled organization based around the philosophy: ‘Reach One; Teach One’. The purpose of the Community shall be to contribute to the continual progression of Barbadian youth by providing opportunities for young "at risk" girls to be more empowered through their overall growth into adulthood with guidance and support, by aiding in their development of skills, social responsibility, career and fellowship necessary to create positive change, not only within themselves but within their families and wider communities.!home/mainPage

The SAVE Foundation's mission is to eradicate domestic violence from Barbados by the use of innovative strategies and through collaboration with all sectors of society.

The Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) of Barbados primarily works to empower women and girls, through their programs and services, by helping them to develop their potential - spiritually, intellectually and socially.


The United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM) is the oldest and only LGBT led policy and advocacy non-governmental organization in Belize. Its broad theme of focus is health and human rights. Its mission is to be an Advocacy Organization that uses rights-base approaches to reduce stigma and discrimination.

The Women’s Issues Network of Belize (WIN-Belize) is a network of organizations with a special interest in women’s issues and a commitment to the improvement of social and economic opportunities for women and their families in Belize. WIN-Belize has been fighting for women’s equality since 1993. As a network WIN Belize's purpose is to provide leadership by empowering and strengthening its member agencies. It develops linkages among organizations to promote the development of women. WIN Belize facilitates the sharing of knowledge, skills and resources and advocates for improving the quality of life of women and their families in Belize.

Youth Enhancement Services (YES) is an NGO which has been operating in Belize since 1989, with a commitment to empower young women and girls to lead secure, independent and fulfilling lives through education, skills training. Over the years YES has received numerous funding grants, from both local and international sources, to continue and expand the essential work which it does, and is seen as one of the leading NGOs in the country in the area of support and advocacy for young women and girls, particularly in relation to sexual abuse and exploitation.


The Women's Resource Centre (WRC) aims to be the leading resource and voice for women in Bermuda and for Bermuda to be a community free of inequality and sexism, where women are emotionally and physically healthy, safe, confident and able to realize their potential. Their mission is to enhance the lives of women in Bermuda by supporting those navigating life's challenges, by providing confidential Counseling, Education and Training, appropriate Referrals and access to Community Services. 125510794149626/timeline

British Virgin Islands

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Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands Crisis Centre (CICC) primary mandate is to provide a safe haven for abused women and their children. Everyone deserves the right to live a life free of violence. CICC is dedicated to seeing an end to this horrific crime and through their services and programs they hope to educate the community in order to prevent domestic abuse.

Commonwealth of Dominica

The Dominica National Council of Women teaches preventive education about domestic violence and maintains a shelter where counselling and mediation services are available.


The Grenada National Organization of Women (GNOW), established on April 23 1995, is an umbrella non-governmental organization and the leading women’s representative and advocacy group in Grenada. They seek to address issues across the spectrum of social, cultural, political, and economic in a manner that will address gender equality and equity. They are a vibrant national women’s organization addressing the needs of all segments of the female population of Grenada and attracting national and international support for gender equality, gender equity, women’s empowerment and involvement in development including economic, social and political dimensions.


Help and Shelter was founded in 1995 to work against all types of violence, especially domestic and sexual violence and child abuse. They have become a leader in the fight against violence in Guyana and in the provision of services to victims/survivors.

Profiles of some Non - Governmental Organizations in Guyana

Red Thread Women's (Crossroads Women's Centre) goal is to organize with women, beginning with grassroots women, to cross divides and transform our conditions. They provide services to women and children exploited in unequal power relations and simultaneously work to change those relations.


Solidarite Fanm Ayisyen/Haitian Women’s Solidarity (SOFA) is a national women’s organization focused on women’s right to health, the fight against violence against women, the promotion of the participation of women in decision-making, and stopping feminization of poverty.
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The 51% Coalition is an alliance of women, women’s organizations and partners that formalizes collaboration that has been taking place over a number of years. The 51% Coalition seeks to promote gender equality on boards and in decision-making as a means of ensuring that Jamaica has her best chance at national development. The Coalition is working to secure quotas to advance women’s participation in decision-making and more broadly to press for the effective implementation of the National Policy on Gender Equality (NPGE) and the achievement of Vision 2030.

Women Business Owners Jamaica Limited (WBO) was established in 2003 to foster and promote the success of women business owners through education, research, mentorship and networking.

Woman Inc. is committed to strengthening the position of Jamaican women through providing support services, public education, & advocating for legislative changes.

Womens Media Watch (WMW) Jamaica uses media analysis and action to work towards gender-equity, justice and violence-free social relations.

The Women’s Resource and Outreach Centre Limited (WROC) was established as a non-profit organization on International Women’s Day, March 8, 1983, with the purpose of providing social support for women and their families. WROC strives to build and sustain an organization that promotes gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls, and supports boys and men through various programs.


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St LuciaSt. Lucia

RAISE YOUR VOICE SAINT LUCIA aims to raise voices against domestic violence, rape, physical and sexual abuse of women and minors and to advocate for change in the system of governance specifically in the Social, Judicial and Public Systems that affect women and children.

St Kitts and NevisSt. Kitts and Nevis

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St Vincent and the GrenadinesSt. Vincent and the Grenadines

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National Women’s Movement of Suriname mission is to be a flexible, innovative, resourceful and technologically advanced bureau for the provision of services of the highest quality in the sphere of sustainable community development and of gender and development.

The Women’s Business Group aims to strengthen the productive capacity of female and male entrepreneurs, with a special focus on youth, who conduct business nationally and internationally as a means to facilitate social and economic development in Suriname and to alleviate poverty.

Women's Rights Centre Suriname

Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago

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Turks and Caicos IslandsTurks and Caicos Islands

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Regional Groups

The Caribbean Regional Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (CRN+) is the authentic voice of Caribbean People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV).  As a full and equal partner in the collaborative fight against HIV/AIDS, CRN+ is driven by PLHIV making a meaningful difference to their lives.


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