Global Citizenship Dialogues - Perspectives on Haiti

Event Date(s): 24/02/2010

Location: JFK Quadrangle

The UWI International Office will host its first ‘Global Citizenship Dialogues’ (GCD’s) forum, titled 'Perspectives on Haiti,' on Wednesday 24th February, 2010, at the JFK Quadrangle.

The GCD is intended to be a forum for discussing matters of global importance related to civic-mindedness and positive international citizenship. The GCD’s will take place in the form of a moderated series of one-on-one discussions, in front of a live audience, between guests of international prominence and the Director of The UWI’s International Office at the St. Augustine Campus, Mr. Sharan Chandradath Singh.

The GCD’s are targeted primarily to an audience of young adults with the expectation that personalities invited and issues discussed will appeal to them and resonate with their innate leadership, civic and scholastic intelligences.Haiti will be the focus of the inaugural GCD. Award winning movie producer, humanitarian and businessman, Mr. Neil Prashad, a son of Trinidad and Tobago, will join Mr. Singh to discuss his experiences in Haiti, starting years ago through his involvement in charitable work up to most recently being in Port-au-Prince after the earthquake and experiencing first-hand the horrors of being trapped inside a school which collapsed whilst he was helping to search for children. The goal of this GCD is to raise awareness and champion the cause of Haiti not only in times of disaster, but more so in the long-term for a successful rebuilding and transformation effort. Neil’s perspectives and experiences are most unique and it is expected that his story will inspire and provide direction for our future leaders as they crystallise their own thoughts and strive to make a global impact.

Neil is also a co-founder of Hitlab with international recording super-star, Akon. Hitlab is a vehicle for upcoming artist to test their music and receive guidance on how to achieve success at an international level. Due to his deep commitment to Haiti, Akon has recorded a song to raise awareness and generate support that is yet to be released. In support of the UWI’s efforts for Haiti, Mr. Prashad has arranged for a special private screening of this song at the inaugural GCD...a treat not to be missed.

Also present at this inaugural GCD will be another internationally accomplished individual that is supporting Haiti through music. Jah Melody is an Reggae ambassador from Trinidad and he has teamed up with producer Ras Lion to record a song specially for Haiti. Jah Melody has graciously agreed to sing a part of his song for the audience at the inaugural GCD.


About the moderator:

Mr. Sharan Chandradath Singh has Masters degrees in International Administration and Business Administration (international) and has lived and worked in Trinidad, England, Canada, India and the United States. He has recently joined the UWI as Director of its International Office to focus on driving the growth and development of the UWI as a globally competitive institution. Central to this thrust is the recognition that UWI’s primary product, its students, must be global thinkers and actors and the GCD’s are one of the initiatives created by the International Office to achieve this goal.

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