UWI Arts Chorale and UWI Steel present: Magnificat!

Event Date(s): 13/12/2013

The UWI St. Augustine Arts Chorale, directed by Jessel Murray, and the UWI Steel, co-directed by Mr. Murray and Khion De Las, will perform their Christmas concert Magnificat! on December 13, at the Santa Rosa R.C. Church, at 7pm.

Tickets for Magnificat are $150 and are available at the Department of Creative and Festival Arts (DCFA) at Agostini Street and Gordon Streets, St Augustine and the Santa Rosa R.C. Church, Arima.

Magnificat! will feature a mélange of works ranging from uplifting, sacred classical music, to Christmas themed spirituals, gospels and folk music. The major work featured for this concert is the Trinidad and Tobago premiere of the famous ‘Magnificat’ by Italian composer Giovanni Pergolesi.  

For the programme, please click here.

For more information, call 663-2222, 645-0873, 747-7340 or email uwi.arts.chorale@gmail.com  or uwi.steel@gmail.com   


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