Social Policy Making: Gender Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion for the 21st Century Workplace

Event Date(s): 27/03/2023

This short course is open to everyone interested in building their capacity to design and implement inclusive, representative policy-making strategies. Practitioners, human resource professionals, teachers, media professionals, first responders (police and healthcare workers), community activists and organizers, and other professionals who work in civil society, the private sector, and the government (on issues related to gender, diversity and inclusion) are encouraged to register. Undergraduates, postgraduates and UWI staff in all faculties (social sciences, humanities, education, science and technology, engineering, agriculture, law, medicine, sports and more) with a strong interest in the topic are encouraged to register, regardless of previous experience with gender studies.

March - Monday 27, Tuesday 28, Wednesday 29, Friday 31 5 PM to 7:30 PM

April - Saturday 1, 10 AM to 2 PM

The UWI St Augustine Campus

Contact Hours: 14 hours 

Certificates will be awarded to persons who attend and complete the course.Limited spaces are available. Register Today!

Website: https://sta.uwi.edu/igds/short-courses-and-workshops 

Course Description

This short course on Social Policy Making will focus on the policy process inherent in making organizations responsive to issues of gender and diversity in the workplace. It will equip participants with a clear understanding of gender equity, diversity and inclusion and how strategic policymaking and responses have been built on these concepts. Additionally, the course unpacks the benefits to be accrued to 21st-century organizations by strategically integrating essential analysis tools to facilitate effective framing and leveraging of gender sensitivity, diversity and inclusivity in their current forms. Sessions will include interactive workshops, group work, and presentations by facilitators and special guest speakers. Participants will be urged to reflect on their engagement and non-engagement with the course's core concepts. Deliberation on the competitive advantage afforded to organizations committed to addressing diversity, inclusion and gender equity as policy priorities will be encouraged.


Course Modules


  • Social Policy Making in the Caribbean – Gender, Diversity and Understanding Populations - Concepts & Contexts and Intersectionality.
  • Inclusive Policymaking: Making the Invisible Among us Visible, Framing Policy Priorities.  
  • The Language of Gender, Diversity and Inclusion in 21st Century Organizations- Protocols and Considerations
  • People-centred Constructions of Policy Indicators and Measurements that Monitor the Impact of Gender, Diversity and Inclusion
  • The Legal Basis on Gender, Diversity and Inclusion in the Anglophone Caribbean / Trinidad & Tobago
  • Practical Tools for Organizational Framing of Gender Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Advancing Social Policy as a Social Justice Tool for 21st Century Organizations



Main Facilitator:

Deborah McFee, Outreach and Research Officer IGDS


Guest Speakers

Dr Angelique Nixon, Senior Lecturer Institute for Gender and Development Studies IGDS)

Ms Taresa Best, Social Policy Research Analyst & Data Scientist

Ms Debbie Sirjusingh, Independent Legal Consultant

Deborah McFee is the Outreach and Research Officer at the Institute for Gender and Development Studies at the University of the West Indies St Augustine Campus, Trinidad and Tobago. Her expertise lies in Women, Gender and Development in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Anglophone Caribbean. She has operated as a public policy practitioner and researcher since 1998. Deborah has worked on the development of three regional National Gender Policies and co-edited with Professor Michelle Rowley the 2017 Special Issue of the Caribbean Review of Gender Studies (CRGS) entitled Tool or Weapon? The Politics of Policy Making, Gender Justice and Social Change in the Caribbean. Her peer-reviewed publications include research on National Gender Policies and the Politics of Policymaking in the Caribbean, Rethinking Gender Mainstreaming in the Caribbean, and Women, Gender, Human Security and the National Gender Policy in post-genocide Rwanda. In 2011, she was the Visiting Researcher at the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), researching gender, human security, and rape as a crime against humanity. Her research interests include Women, Gender and Public Policy, Gender and Human Security, the Impact of Small Arms and Light Weapons on Women and Girls in Select Communities in Trinidad, and Gender and Climate Change.  



TT$4,000 | US$620

TT$2,800 | US$420 for Students / Activists / Civil Society Organizers


Summary of Deadlines and Dates

Bursary/scholarship application deadline: Monday, March 13 2023

Registration/payment for course deadline: Monday, March 20, 2023

Course start date: Monday, March 27

Course end date: Saturday, April 1


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