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Mission statement for Tropical Medicine Cluster: Infectious Diseases


The establishment of an interdisciplinary research cluster for the study of infectious diseases in the Neotropics, in order to promote and to improve the health and welfare of humans and animals.

Mission Statement
  1. To establish programmes of research that will advance knowledge in the field of infectious diseases of relevance to the Caribbean Region
  2. To ascertain the (temporal and spatial) distribution of infectious diseases in human and animals in the Region, using the geographical information system (GIS) approach.
  3. To promote public health and food safety through surveillance of, and development of control measures for vector and food-borne diseases in the Region
  4. To provide opportunities for Caribbean and other students to study infectious diseases, including zoonoses, emerging and re-emerging infections in the Neotropics
  5. To develop the skills, expertise and scientific reputations that will lead to the establishment of a world-class academic centre for tropical medicine and international health at the UWI, St. Augustine campus
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