Archived Issue April 2013

Bringing a fresh perspective on challenges facing institutions of higher learning worldwide, Dr Jamil Salmi was riveting when he spoke at the Distinguished Open Lecture at the St Augustine Campus on April 3. His presentation, “World Class Universities or World Class Higher Education Systems?” was an eye-opener. Photo: ANEEL KARIM

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On the alert
Beefing up safety
Guanapo’s woes
Investigating a landfill
Whose morality?
Ethics of our times
Amazing night
Bringing down the show

UWI Calendar April 2013 - June 2013

Not business as usual
May 2 to May 3
UWI St. Augustine campus
Start me up
May 22 to May 24
UWI St. Augustine campus
June 9
Millennium Lakes Golf and Country Club, Trincity
Sports talk
June 26 to June 28
UWI St. Augustine campus
Growing security
June 30 to July 6
Hyatt Regency, Port of Spain
Miss Miles
May 17-19
Learning Resource Centre, UWI ST. Augustine

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