August 2023

Prospective students create chalk art at the JFK Quadrangle of the St Augustine campus at the UWI Open Days held on July 8 and 9. The “chalking” was an activity presented to visitors to the campus by the Visual Arts Unit of the Department of Creative and Festival Arts within UWI St Augustine’s Faculty of Humanities and Education. It was one of many such activities offered by the campus’ faculties and departments to give potential students a taste of what the university has to offer. Visitors were given the opportunity to meet some of The UWI’s distinguished researchers and teachers, tour the sweeping and beautiful campus grounds, visit the labs and other state-of-the-art facilities, learn about options for scholarships and other financial aid, and just enjoy a brief slice of campus life.

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Seismic Research Centre celebrates 70th anniversary


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Dr Anand Rampersad, Head of the St Augustine Academy of Sport


Issues of Identity and Belonging
UWI Head of Psychiatry Dr Gerard Hutchinson observes worsening mental and emotional problems post-pandemic


Movies, made in T&T
UWI Film grads/students star at international festivals