Archived Issue January 2013

The picture says quite eloquently what people have been saying unanimously since the 23rd edition of the UWI Fete took place on January 13. The Fete, Yalla!, met its own benchmark for success and surpassed all others, leaving patrons with a really high point in the Carnival 2013 season. Click here for some highlights.

Other Top Stories

Rebuilding an Industry
National Citrus Project
Birdsong turns 40
The School in Pan
From Farm to Fork
A Pumpkin Plan
Memory of the World
Sam Selvon

UWI Calendar January 2013 - August 2013

Andy Narell & Relator
January 30
UWI, St. Augustine
World of Work 2013
24th & 31st January
UWI St Augustine
The Old Yard
3 February, 2013
Agostini St, St Augustine
Jouvay Ayiti
J’ouvert 2013 production
‘Mamaguy and Pappyshow in a Family Bacchanal’
Postgraduate Open Day
February 21
UWI St. Augustine Campus
Distinguished Leadership and Innovation Conference
22 March, 2013
Hyatt Regency, Trinidad
UWI Discover Tours
Brazil: 17 May-9 June
India: 12 July - 2 August

Also In This Issue

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  One-stop chemistry
  The school in pan
  The song that set us free
  The creation of new myths
  What binds art and language?
  The University of Calypso comes to The University of the West Indies
  Pumpkin Farmer Forum: From farm to fork
  Engineering honour for Prof Lewis
  Across Borders
  Sam Selvon Collection on Memory of the World Register
  Methanex volunteers brighten students