Archived Issue July 2013

For four nights in July, disbelief was suspended at Queen’s Hall, when Must Come See Productions presented the Gershwin comedy classic, ‘Crazy for You’.

Other Top Stories

A Real Dilemma: Achieving Sustainable Development in Regions with Extractive Industries
Caribbean Agriculture at the Crossroads
Professor Clement Sankat Lecture
Internationalisation at the Forefront
Strategic International Collaborations
Tamara’s Journey
A Journal of her UWI Discover Experience

UWI Calendar July 2013

First Year Experience
August 19th - 29th
UWI St. Augustine
UWI Life Student
August 30
UWI Sport and Physical Education Centre
Inaugural Human Communication Studies International Conference 2013
September 26 - 27
The UWI Seismic Research Centre
S3 Mall Tour & Open House
Gordon Street, St Augustine
The Internationalisation of SMEs – Marketing and eBusiness Workshop, Warner Street, St. Augustine
September 19-20
UWI Research Expo
October 2-5
St Augustine Campus

Also In This Issue

  Crazy for you!
  Message from the Principal: UWI & CARICOM – Proponents of Regional Integration
  UWI / NEDCO Entrepreneurship Boot Camp
  Mangoes, Mangoes, Mangoes...
  The New Crop: UWI Researchers continue to focus on Food & Agriculture
  A Real Dilemma: Achieving Sustainable Development in Regions with Extractive Industries
  Agribusiness and Food Security for the Region
  Caribbean agriculture - at the crossroads
  Heads of Missions – Internationalisation at the forefront
  Government of Chile donates monitoring equipment to UWI Seismic Research Centre
  UWI and FAO strengthen ties
  UWI’s Discovrer… Tamara’s Journal
  Pan Music Therapy For At Risk Youth?
  Youth At Risk: Youth Intervention Strategies To Reduce Crime and Violence
  Principal Clement Sankat, CSBE
  COL Celebrates 25 Years!
  Dolly Now AIAEE Fellow