March 2020

Emmanuel Joseph is one of many artists at UWI St Augustine, whether students of their given art form at the Department of Creative and Festival Arts or a private pursuit of those in other faculties or departments.

Top Stories


Another Victory
UWI students' second win at Harvard National Model UN

Old Yard 2020

Festive Innovation
Traditional Carnival for the modern age

Art and Culture

Modern Performers, Classic Moves
DCFA students learn Indian music and dance


Trees, the Carbon Fighter
UWI/NGC partner on reforestation project

UWI Calendar of Events

March - April 2020

March 13-14 | UWI St Augustine
Let Data Analytics Be Your Guide

March 13-15 | UWI St Augustine
IConETech-2020: Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology Conference

March 17 | Online
Campus Council - Live Stream

UWI St Augustine
Sign Up for Asset Management Short Courses

UWI St Augustine
Share Your Thoughts on T&T Literature

March 16-17 | UWI St Augustine
Academic Advising and Mentoring in Higher Ed – A Caribbean Context

March 27-29 | UWI St Augustine
techAGRI Expo is coming

April 2 | UWI St Augustine
Strengthening Community Resilience

UWI St Augustine
Guest Edit the Caribbean Review of Gender Studies