Archived Issue October 2013

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Invest in your homeland
President Carmona
Rebuilding Montserrat
An education passport
Film student eyes the prize
Off to Holland
Ten whole years of the half
Today’s race day!

UWI Calendar November - December 2013

Half-Marathon Day!
27th November 2013, 5.50am
SPEC, St. Augustine
UWIAA Distinguished Alumni Awards
November 24
Gender Transformations
November 6-8
UWI, St Augustine
How Nations Succeed
November 7
St Augustine
UWI Family Development Centre Official Opening
November 20, 2013
St. John’s Road, St. Augustine
Seismic Research Centre Open House
Last Chance!
Final Date: November 21
The Greatest Profession
November 29, 2013
UWI, St. Augustine

Also In This Issue

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  A vision for CARICOM
  Ambassador Irwin LaRocque’s vision for CARICOM
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  Confucius Institute launched
  Invest in your homeland
  Graduation time!
  A little volcano about to erupt
  Students help at Autism Place
  Disability Studies at the Faculty of Medical Services
  Open Campus Valedictorian
  The shuttered bug: Film student fights her fear of flying high
  Film Festival Results
  Visual Arts students design for pan
  Starry scholarship
  Home of my heart: How a PhD art student found her calling
  A Race to the Future
  10Q with Jason Williams