Programmes in Food, Agriculture and the Environment and Natural Resources

Training in Tropical Agriculture in St. Augustine has a long history going back to the early 1920s to the era of the Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture. However, the undergraduate programme in Agriculture was not introduced until 1961 with the establishment of a regional university system, The University of the West Indies. Since the early 1960s, The University of the West Indies has offered postgraduate programmes in Agriculture at the Masters and PhD levels. Since then thousands have graduated with a first degree, taught masters degree, Master of philosophy or Doctor of philosophy in Food, Agriculture and the Environment. Graduates have been making valuable contributions not only to the development of the region directly but also indirectly. As the globe faces the serious challenge of meeting the growing demand for food and agricultural products, higher education provides the opportunity to contribute positively to the world-wide effort to meet the demand and benefit from it.

The diverse programmes in St. Augustine and flexible regulations provide each student the opportunity to select and pursue programmes of choice.

Undergraduate Programmes

The department offers the following programmes:

  • B.Sc. Agriculture
    The B.Sc. Agriculture is science and technology oriented programme preparing students for employment opportunities in different areas. The programme has a science foundation and covers agronomy, horticulture, animal science and production, soils, extension and agricultural economics. In addition students are exposed to the principles and practice of bio-systems engineering, mathematics and statistics. A student admitted to this programme is required to successfully complete a prescribed set of courses and nine (9) credits of Foundation courses in three (3) years. However, from 2013/14 academic Year this special option will be replaced on a phased basis by B.Sc. Agriculture with options in Soil Science and the Environment, Crop Science and Production and Livestock Science and production and revised programme.

  • B.Sc. (General): Major in Agricultural Technology
    Students who wish to combine agriculture with other disciplines or pursue a specialized area in agriculture can do so by enrolling in the Agricultural Technology major. The major is a science oriented programme covering animal science, agronomy, horticulture, soils, bio-systems engineering, mathematics and statistics. A major in Agricultural Technology includes Year 1 core courses and a minimum of 32 credits of Year 2 and Year 3 prescribed courses.
    • A major in Tropical Landscaping would require successful completion of 15 credits of level 1 pre-requisites and a total of 32 credits at the advanced level.
    • Special Options in Soil Science and Environment, Crop Science and Production and Livestock Science and Production. To fulfill the requirement for an option, students must accumulate at least 15 credits of courses.

  • B.Sc. (General): Major in Tropical Landscape
  • Undergraduate Diploma in Agriculture (UDA)
    For the first time in UWI history, a two year Undergraduate Diploma in Agriculture will be introduced. The programme is designed to increase the number of scientific and technical staff with expertise in various levels to support the Food Security effort in the CARICOM region. Successful graduates of this programme will be admitted to the BSc Agriculture at the second year level so they can graduate with a degree in only two post diploma years. The diploma in agriculture will be awarded on the successful completion of 66 credits.

For additional information on these programmes please contact the Department using: e-mail:

For further details including lists of courses, please visit the Agriculture BSc Programmes page or check out page 47 of the UWI FFA Undergraduate Information Guide. For further information on undergraduate programmes in Agriculture please contact the programme coordinator at: or, for information on the admissions process, please visit the Undergraduate Admissions website.

Postgraduate Programmes in Agriculture

UWI, St. Augustine offers several postgraduate programmes at the Masters and Doctoral levels. Post-graduate diploma programmes are offered in Agri-Food Safety and Quality Assurance and Tropical Crop Protection. The taught M.Sc programmes include Agri-Food Safety and Quality Assurance, Tropical Crop Protection, Tropical Landscaping and Tropical Animal Science and Production. The M.Phil and Ph.D programmes offered are in Food Safety and Quality, Crop Science, Soil Science, Livestock Science and Production, Horticulture and Earth and Environmental Science.

The Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) is a research based programme requiring no more than three (3) years of full-time study. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) is also a research based programme requiring no more than four (4) years of full-time study. Applications for Graduate School are taken at any time. See UWI Faculty of Food and Agriculture Postgraduate Information Guide 2013-2014 for programmes. Students wishing to receive University scholarships need to apply by the spring deadline provided by the School for Graduate Studies and Research.