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Welcome to the Faculty of Food and Agriculture

Our Faculty is made up of three distinct academic departments, all proudly offering Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes, which produce graduates who continuously innovate and expand the agricultural industry. The Faculty's overarching goal is to raise the profile of Agriculture, both locally and internationally, and to become the treasury for agricultural learning, research and technology, in the region.

What's Happening

The faculty is hosting an exhibition on the Biran Lara Promenade today in commemoration of World Food Day 2017.

Faculty Orientation Programme

Check out what the FFA has to offer at Guild Fest - Orientation Week 2017 (Sept. 4th - 8th 2017)

The formal Opening of The UWI Regional Plant Quarantine Officer Training.

FFA Dean, Dr. W. Ganpat, joins a discussion at the 53rd Annual Meeting Caribbean Food Crop Society (CFCS) In Puerto Rico.


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