WELCOME to the Faculty of Food and Agriculture


The Faculty of Food and Agriculture (FFA) encompasses a number of disciplines with direct and indirect foci on food and nutrition security, human welfare and well-being and sustainable environment. It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in a number of areas.  Undergraduate programmes are offered in Agriculture, Agribusiness, Human Nutrition, Human ecology, Tropical Landscaping, Environment and Natural Resource Management and Geography. Undergraduate programmes in FFA normally take three years of full-time study. A range of postgraduate programmes are also offered, including taught Masters and research based Masters of Philosophy and PhDs in a number of areas. 

Students who wish to focus on tropical agriculture, environment and related areas, as well as nutrition and associated disciplines, this is the Faculty you should consider. Apart from this unique academic opportunity, the campus has diverse faculty and supporting staff and student enrolment is close to 20,000. As a result, the Campus offers vibrant, captivating and warm social environment that is typically West Indian in character.

Significantly, the Faculty is situated in the southern foothills of the picturesque Northern Range in the beautiful UWI campus of St Augustine, the home of the historical Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture.

Whether you are interested in a formal programme, a short-term academic sojourn or an exchange programme in a tropical environment, the FFA provides an ideal setting for you.

For details of programmes and opportunities available, please visit various sites in the FFA and the St Augustine Campus.