Graduate Studies in Emergency Medicine

The following graduate programmes in Emergency Medicine are offered at UWI, St Augustine:

DM in Emergency Medicine
This is a full time residency programme in Emergency Medicine lasting 4 years, offered to junior doctors who wish to specialize in Emergency Medicine, but have little or no prior clinical experience. Candidates must be working in a hospital in Trinidad recognised for graduate training. [ more information ]


MSc in Emergency Medicine
This 3-year part time programme is aimed primarily at more senior doctors who already have a clinical commitment to Emergency Medicine, and have significant prior experience in the specialty. It consists of 14 modules, which will be covered over a 3-year period, covering all important areas in Emergency Medicine. [ more information ]


Diploma in Emergency Medicine
Candidates who have successfully completed the first two years of the part time MSc programme (8 core modules) will be eligible for the Diploma in Emergency Medicine. This programme is aimed at primary care physicians and others with a significant Emergency workload, but who are not planning a career as a full time Emergency Medicine consultant.     [ more information ]


Interested Applicants should contact Mrs Deborah Charles-Smythe, Senior Assistant Registrar - Graduate Studies & Research.
E-mail:   Tel/ext: (868)-662-2002 ext.2616

Application forms are available from the Bursary. The fees are $25,000 TTD per annum, and the applicants will be eligible for GATE (50% of course fees paid by government on filling our appropriate GATE form, which is provided by admissions).