About Us

Our Mission

To provide high quality professionals to serve the needs of society in pharmacy, pharmaceutical care and the pharmaceutical sciences via innovative and exemplary programmes of education, at the undergraduate and graduate levels, that promote the concept of healthcare team, as well as excellence in research.


The B.Sc. Pharmacy degree programme was launched in 1995 by the Faculty of Medical Sciences. Prior to 1995, pharmacy education in Trinidad produced diplomats/certificate holders in pharmacy. This programme was discontinued in 1995, and all the newly qualified pharmacists have a B.Sc. Pharmacy degree.

The Pharmacy programme started within the Department of Paraclinical Sciences in 1995 with 13 students. Our first group of students graduated in 1999. Since then, the programme has produced approximately 200 graduates, and the student admission has increased almost four-fold.

In 2007, the School was formally recognized, as such, and a director was appointed. Many part-time staff have now been replaced with full-time staff, and associate lecturers have been appointed at clinical sites. In 2005, a new curriculum was put in place to better meet the needs of the pharmacy student.

Applicants to the School of Pharmacy are mainly Trinidadian nationals, and, to a lesser extent from Barbados, Bahamas, USA, Canada, and Botswana. The demand for admission in to the B.Sc. programme is increasing every year. The School currently admits about 40 students every year, of which about one-quarter are foreign students. The average ratio of male to female students is 1 to 4.

The school also provides a part-time programme to non-degree pharmacists and continuing education to pharmacists of Trinidad and Tobago. Some of our graduates have moved on from Trinidad, and now practise in the UK, USA and Canada.


The School of Pharmacy is well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, and has ample teaching space for large and small-group teaching, a laboratory, and a student computer lab. A well-stocked Medical Sciences Library is on site, providing access to e-mail, Internet, and literature search facilities. Further information on facilities...