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Frequently Asked Questions

Number of Courses

1. How many courses would be done per semester for the part time degree and also for the full time degree?

Part-time: 2 to 4 courses per semester; Full Time: 6 courses per semester

Choice of host university reserach

2. Do we get to choose which country we get to do our research in?

You get to choose the partner University (Belize Guyana or Suriname)

Additional courses at host University

3. Would we be in their university doing the research project only, or would we have other courses to do?

You will be conducting the research project only. All courses except the field practicum and research project are online and to be completed before the research project begins


4. Would we be traveling as a group of students with our supervisors or would the supervisors be from the hosting university?

Your supervisor will be from the partner University you choose

Duration of Research

5. How long would are we supposed to stay to do our research project?

You will be expected to stay 3-4 months once conducting your research everyday


6. Do we need to have 2 references when we sign up for this MSc?


Previous Enrollment

7. If it is possible to tell me, what was the enrollment for the previous MSc?

Approximately 20 people enrolled out of numerous applications


8. Would there be a scholarship programme soon for this MSc?

We are currently working on sourcing potential sponsors for this programme. However, Trinidadians receive GATE approval on Tuition when registering at UWI and students will currently be expected to fund their full expenses

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Important Dates

Application Deadline
May 31st

Registration Begins

Classes Start