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Native species in the Caribbean

Several anthuriums exist in the florae of the Caribbean but none belong to the species, Anthurium andraeanum. These include Anthurium kyburzii, A. chamberalinii, A. nymphaefolium, A. ornatum, A. schzerianum, A. lindenianum, A. jermanii, A. hookeri, A. wildenowii, A. gracilis, A. scandens, A. crystallinum, A. magnificum, A. clarinervum, A. subsignatum, A. pedato-radiatum, A. pentaphyllum and A. polyschistum.

Origin of local cultivated anthuriums

The introduced cultivars of anthurium during the 20th century, which include the various local red, local pink and local white cultivars of anthurium, are complex interspecific hybrids involving A. andraeanum Linden Ex André. These local varieties show considerable variation in disease resistance with some being highly resistant to immune to both bacterial blight and bacterial leaf spot diseases.

These early anthurium introductions to the Caribbean were extensively grown under cocoa and citrus.  The ‘Caribbean Pinks’ are believed to be the first generation progeny of interspecific hybrids of A. andraeanum x A. nymphaeifolium and A. andraeanum x A. lindenianum, whereas the ‘Caribbean Whites’ are members of either A. lindenianum or A. androphyoides. Trinidad Pink originated from a cross between Anthurium ornatum and A. andraeanum. This combination also gave rise to a red anthurium called ‘Caribbean Red’. 


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Exotic imported anthurium hybrids grown in the Caribbean
Characterisation of the exotic hybrids, by spathe colour




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